Top 10 Best Android Games 2018 (Offline/Online)

Top 10 Best Android Games 2018 (Offline/Online)
Top 10 Best Android Games 2018 | Top 10 Best Offline Android & iOS Games 2018
Welcome Guys ! Here we have some offline & online game which are available for both android & iOS platform.
The list is based upon catagory of action,fps/tps and open world games. 
God of war Gameplay (Intro)
Game List:-
Mad Driver

Left to survive


Death invasion (Offline)

Heroes unleashes

Identity V

Battlefield (Millet shootout)

Frag pro shooter (Offline Practice mode)

Creative destruction

Pubg mobile sanhok

Track: Raven & Kreyn - Biscuit [NCS Release]
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JPB - Defeat The Night (feat. Ashley Apollodor) [NCS Release]

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  • Adro 900
    The last of us ??? :/
  • Shivu Kiran
    Expect pubg every games os waste
  • mossy giraffe
    The thing is that the intro said the best android games on an iphone screen
  • GameSpeed TV
    Where did you make your youtube intro down to top?
  • Bist Bestia
    Thumbnail is with The Last of Us...a game for PlayStation 3 or 4 and did you play it ?
    Edit: The games are cool good choice btw and pls Tell me If u played The Last Of Us
  • vincent leo
    i canr find number 6
  • Gaming FireDrago
    Dragon mania ???
  • Lewis Doyle
    2. Scuffed Fortnite
  • 2 Cute a Charm
    What about Shadow Gun Legends? That game is pretty goof
  • Sylvain Auger-Léger
    Horrible music
  • No-log-SB
    Good game in 2018 mean wargame..
  • manu Sharma
    You should add free fire also
  • Cyclops Da Zueira
  • Rakesh Reddy
    The game u showed in the opening never comes in phone
  • PowerBlox
    Pubg is 9th ob my list
  • vidhu cg
    Plzzzz subscribe
    My chennal
  • Vasudev Mahendrakar1973
    find some mountain climbing games plzzz
  • Aaronion XXL
    Just shooters really
  • Trill Off
    How do you get heroes unleashed in english all i see is russian letters
  • Best Games
    shitty fps for kits, stfu
  • frenklins gamer34
  • jolly joker
  • James Tryhard
    The thumbnail is literally tlou
  • Nadine Cremer
    Das auf dem Bild vom Video ist the Last of us und gibt's nur auf Playstation
  • Jo Blo
    Yo, the PS Vita had all of this and more like 7 years ago. I think the mobile gaming community is being drip fed by the developers, to milk the most amount of profit. Take me back to the good old bad old days 7 years ago when the PS Vita was the right full ruler.
    great fn list buddy.. awesome f@cking music.. love it
  • Moi Basar
    Lol 'the last of us' pic in thumbnail...
  • Ryder West
    All of the games on this list were all rip off version of other popular pc/console games execpt for pubg sanhok
  • BeTTapZ
    Why was that thumbnail such clickbait like last of us is only for ps4
  • Daniel Purpera
    why is there a it's displaying something for abdroid
  • Rishi kumar
    Bro War Robots is far better than B.O.T battle of Titans
  • Serkan Demirhan
    Well..... this was the first and the last video I've watched from this idiotic channel.
  • Fluffy Artic Wolves
    Dead by daylight?
  • Lt. Braen
    Time to invest my money on android devices good bye pc ur a dying breed
  • Bang Farhan
    Mampir ke Chanel ane ada game amazing Spider-Man 2 Android
  • Dishant Songmen
    Play game called “Iron Blade” 👍🏻
    Are yarr naam to bata games ka
    I have PUBG and creative destruction! A like for me?
  • Emrah Kenar
    better rename the video as top 10 best FPS android games 2018 or something like that
  • Demonx 5000
    Strait up clickbait
  • ON Studio
    Nice game,,,show mychanel
  • rk rokstar
  • Demonx 5000
    These are the worse games I've ever seen
  • Demonx 5000
    I mean not for android