Fuel Gain Kit - Retrofit Fuel Injection System

Fuel Gain Kit - Retrofit Fuel Injection System
FuelGainKit (FGK), a retrofit fuel injection system for small-carburetted engines, replaces your existing carburettor with a low-cost fuel injection system and can provide 20% lower fuel consumption, 40% cleaner exhaust emissions and more than 50% improvement in power delivery.FGK is installed on a small motorcycle engine, fully equipped with intake throttling and fuel injection capabilities.

For more information: http://www.apttouch.com

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  • HaLuNkE ST0NER
    Can't buy it anywhere so useless video
  • andre pachi
    how can it work properly, not using an oxygen sensor? as an open loop system, It Will operate w.o. measuring the correct fuel stoichiometric ratio.
  • Aviator168
    This is not direct injection. Unburn fuel will still go through the exhaust port during scavenging. A properly tuned carb can do the same job.
  • why ?
    Carbs are better if you tune them right
  • Rex Tan
    so maybe there is a chance that my scooter modified to fi?.
  • Afzal Khan
    Why is there no any demonstration vid on 70cc, 125cc 150cx bikes?
  • Abuhuzaifah _officials
    Masih ade lagi
  • Farooq Rana
    i want this unit can u have this
  • Chamjisky Khan
    What is its price in US$? can it be installed on Chinese horizontal 70cc, 85cc, 97cc, 110cc? Same unit can be used with all?
  • marc clarion
    is it available in the Philippines?
  • crpth1
    Really nice concept everything in one single pack. ;-)
    How much is one of this units?