Google Play Instant: play games without the wait

Google Play Instant: play games without the wait
Google Play Instant is the fastest way to try apps and games on Android devices. Any developer can now build an instant experience. Visit http://g.co/play/instant to get started!

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  • Johnny Ferrer
    I didn't get this option
  • Felistas Mumba
  • 09theawesomeguy
    friendly to vertical disaplay games rather than horizontal...
  • Muthu manthakkalai
  • Muhammad Yousaf Sulehria
    How fortnite will implement this feature :p
  • Yagya Shrestha
  • hooman
    Now we also have to do a pwa. Thanks.
  • Samuel Lamara
    Commence a prier pour grandeur pour que. Dieu te ouvre les porte
  • Ghulam Nabi
  • عالم محمد وشهد
  • عالم محمد وشهد
  • Stan Persoons
    Hy Iam sorry to say but Your Shortert link is'ent working
  • Đình Vũ Lê
    Bi khug
  • Margaret Staley
    Where is spades plus
  • binhquyenb@gmail.com
    Binh binhquyen
  • Facu Duarte
    URL not found
  • Youtube63 G
    Apple needs this
  • vAMIAN 12322
    Link is broken
  • borjan EzBucks
  • Michaolek
    Ugh i have iphone
  • Alto
    Lol clash royale
  • The Panda and his crew
    I'm an apple user and this seems like something that Apple should add
  • Lava Proof
    That's some slow internet....
  • Clash Of Clans with CHANDAN
    How it will work?
  • Clavelol 279
    Only 10 seconds to play a game nc
  • TheCherssts
    Apple Is better xddd
  • MagnumAlpasan
    Nice one google
  • ugyel dukpa
    Try now is same as watching a game advertisement. Later on i guess we need to download it for permenant use!?
  • Venox_HD
    Um it doesn't work
    So I can try paid games for free
  • Gamepocalypse Gaming
    Ok but won’t you lose your progress if you don’t need to download anything?
  • Yolosoogie
  • Jonathan
    G a y
  • - Electrify -
    but you get full game...
  • Karthik Kanna
    My God, it's saves so much data. I think it is developed for me..
  • HunTV
    Good idea, but I'm sure everyone already has CR installed on their phones lol
  • MrCldo Gt
    It crashes every time
  • pipy snipy Ag4
    Clash royal lol
  • Antonio APC79
    When your low on storage great idea
  • Insultez Moi
    How the what?!
  • Andrew Anderson
    I actually wanna try this out
  • epic shadow freddy
    I love how android used clash royale
    For the instant play lol
  • Duszek Smsaczek
    Finally Clash Royale will die. Snake is greatest game ever.
  • JaSon WalKer
    Does it works on other games ?
  • KirbyMaster
    Huh, nice idea.
  • Diego Martinez
    That's why I love Google
  • cadge fox
    What if im nasa lol 😂
  • Angad Sharma
    but it is only for some apps😫
  • Daniel SC
    I thought this was a meme