How to Build a Comment System for your Website [Part 1] | The Basics

How to Build a Comment System for your Website [Part 1] | The Basics
**UPDATE | May 3rd, 2018**
There have been hundreds of people asking me to make a new video for this incorporating Part 2. Because of this, I'm going to begin planning it. It's been a long time coming, so bare with me on this. It'll take me about a week to plan it, then I gotta record it. I know I should have done this back when I actually made the video and it's not gonna help those that watched it way back then, but it'll help anyone who crosses it now. Thanks for the support.


This is the updated version of my previous comment system. In this video, I cover not only how to create top-level comments, but also how to reply to each comment.

You can find the 'style.css' from the video inside the GitHub repository.

Please let me know what you want to see in future videos!

GitHub Repository: https://github.com/th3madcreator/Comment-System-Series
jQuery: https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.0.0.min.js
My Website: http://www.nfletch.com

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  • Aumando longlife
    nice tutorial.
  • Madeline Ellingson
    Alright, so when I open the index.php file it just shows the text in the browser and not whats actually supposed to show up. What the heck am I doing wrong.
  • Mannar Hielal
    Thanks Nick, it was a very useful video, implemented successfully! had some issues with the Jquery things, after some refactoring all worked fine.
  • Ras Pete
    where is the css file for this video
  • john javier idmilao
    Please add Like and dislike butons please..Ilove you tutorial
  • balaga yaswanth
    Could u plzz provide me the code of adding login to this comment section so that only the person who logged in can give reply
    In my case only admin should give reply....
  • Steven Law
  • Firas Helou
    hello Nick,
    great job thanks for this tutorial it was a big help. I have a question please, one problem is that when the comment is submitted and the page reload it will go back to the beginning of the page so the use will lose track of the comment he replied to, so anyway to fix this with php ?
  • Manjul Joshi
    where is part 2
  • Kunal Tanwar
    can you please add name field also pleaseee
  • music boy
  • Ray Usifo
    Thanks for this incisive tutorial. Presently, I’m developing a website and I noticed any time I post a comment on any page on the site, the same comment shows up in every other article on the site. Please can you help resolve this problem?
  • Virgil
    Great video Nick! maybe i missed it but where is the link to the CSS?
  • Virgil
    where is the link to the CSS?
  • Angel 007
    great tutorial thanks so much it really helped :)
  • Harsath Zuckonit
    Year passed but you didnt put second part Please uploade the second part please
  • Mohsen Arab
    Nice code. I wait for the next videos about commenting system.
  • Khalid Omer
    A year has passed. still waiting for the second part...
  • Imran Raja
    Thanks for the awesome tutorial it is the best tutorial in overall php comments series......
  • Kenneth Sutton
    song Baby Come Back song
    We need that next video. Waiting for it. We want to know how to align the comments too. 3731 people are waiting for more. Great job on the video. I know know the next one will be awesome.
  • mohamed hameed
    Thank you Sir you are GREAT
  • Zhuowei Zhong
    Hello Nick. What is the function of the par_code in this system? I am a little hard to understand it.
  • Rohit Soni
    Hey! Nick, I am learning PHP and this video was very helpful for me because I wanted to create a comment system but I couldn't do it. Well, all I wanna know is what about [PART 2] video?
  • Code Man
    hello nick pls i am willing to send you friend request on facebook send me your facebook name ,,,,, i really need this comment system pls ,,,,
    or can i send you my phone number so we can talk
  • Code Man
    hello nick ,,, pls this is the error that i am getting Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_total() in C:\xampp\htdocs\coment\index.php:14 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\coment\index.php on line 14
  • Code Man
    hello nick ,,, this is VERY NICE one ok ... but please how can i do it for the client to input their names before commenting
  • shiva k
  • Jeb Bush
    please post more videos.
  • Jap Jap
    Any update(s)? It is a very informative video though.
  • Pro Manuel
    whats up man. hey look thank for the video real cool. but i have a question what if i want display the username from my database of the user that posted rather than the admin that its displaying
  • ali raza
    reply is not work
  • Miley Ohhey
    That is great, i love it.
  • pj mclenon
    okay hello sir i came over here to ur 2nd vid and all works as per your code and video...i will try to make it as user session where others can post but iif you will update it would be great..thz alot
  • pj mclenon
    HElllo mr nick is this tutoroal complete??..i just like to know before i start..cuz i dont want to embark on incomplete sustems..sorry just being honert wll anyway thz x hope u can clarity
  • pj mclenon
  • ClassicCartoons
    5 months passed and still the second part of this video didn't come :( Common Nick, You can do it!
  • Chris Tofer
    hi nick, this is a great help for my task right now.

    but this one, as you can see if theres like a 100 of comments then its gonna take time to scroll down to the latest comment. so if theres a way to use a pagination in this comment??

    or maybe comment didn't need pagination at all???

    thanks before, pardon my bad english
  • Jani Siren
  • Aldous Palaganas
    i have an error mysqli_error() expects exactly 1 parameter, 0 given in C:\xampp\htdocs\Comment-System-Series-master\new\php\check_com.php on line 22 :(
  • Calbel
    part 2 pls i pray4u
  • Nick Fletcher
    Just an update: I'm in the process of a new video you guys. I had an issue with my computer and has to reset it so I've been going through to get everything back up.
  • Lid Tech
    i had problem Warning: mysqli_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in C:\xampp\htdocs\comment\php\functions.php on line 30
  • Michael van Doorn
    Thanks for this though. I am working on a website for school (1st year media student) and i was using your previous video 2 weeks ago but got back at it today and i noticed that you uploaded this one. Nice commentary and very helpfull aswell!
  • Core Cave
    please complete the rest of video, I need that functionality very badly :)