Difference between Multiprocessing and Multithreading

Difference between Multiprocessing and Multithreading
In this tutorial we are covering difference between multiprocessing and multi-threading. The major difference between the two is that in multithreading threads are being executed in one process sharing common address space whereas in multi processing different processes have different address space. Thus creating multiple processes is costly compare to threads.

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  • Sirius B
    best memorizable visual examples so far. I pretty like your style to make the content understandable:D
  • SalRite
    What are some usecases/benefits of using Multithreading/MultiProcessing?
  • GeishaTheSerpantClan
    ok after 3min you showed two picture of men..
    how disrespectful. this video is reported.
  • Hassan
    Fuck the Music
  • Nathan Phipps O'Neill
    Such a great video... you cleared up so much! Thank You
  • Reflex F.N.
    Thank you so much; that was a very good introduction into the topic; a very good video! :)
  • Somanybeats
    Great video. Whats the name of the song in the background?
  • I Tom
    Is there a version without the background music? Thanks
  • TheMoises1213
    Still don't know what multithreading is. Multiprocessing is simply cores doing multiple things at once
  • Neddih Lous
    do you have other channel name  kudvenkat  ?
  • skibba5000
    thumbs up for the lightweight-heavyweight metaphor :D
  • No name needed
    What would be a good example of an application in which one could get more benefits from multithreading than multiprocessing for the application parallelism?
  • Gagan Gupta
    One of the best videos which clarifies distinction between process and threads
  • royy walls
    Can you please explain what is the meaning of the "processes are different programs written by different companies, so they have to run separately"?
  • Yousef
    That picture at 3:10 lol
  • CPLD
    I'm so impressed by your explanations. Got a new sub.
  • dip patel
    best tutorials!! keep doing it
  • Kazathul
    Horrible explanation. After a 4 minute video, I still have no idea how is a process functionally different from threads.
    3:30 was tasteless and disgusting as well. Disrespectful.
    Thank you so much for this video! It helped to clear a lot of my doubts on threads :)
  • Furious Furian
    very succinct and clear explanation ;)
  • Nobody But You
    The best explanation so far!
  • Piliponful
    You really good at explanation. I only watched this video, and read comments. and its already seems obvious! Even accent isn't a problem when you know how to explain concept! Thanks!
    P.S. new feature of youtube with pointing to other videos in the end is also very good decision. It shows in some way that you are serious about channel and it also...
    bored to write:) Good job tho'.
  • sur esh
    can you provide an example for memory leaks in threads ?
  • sur esh
    what is stack memory and instruction pointer ?
  • Bianca J
    Thank you for a good video! I have one question, that I hope you can help me with. If we stay in you example with Power Point, what could a thread then be? What kind of tasks could it be?
    I hope you can help me with some examples.
  • MrKristo555
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    I am here going through a home curriculum that is giving me headaches to understand http://github.andela.com/homestudy/

    Please do more of this. I tend to understand concepts in such a way than reading.
  • Rafsanjani Muhammod
    Thankyou, Sir !
    Really a nice one.
  • 123 angel
    You did a great job in explaning the difference between these two... Keep it up
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    Excellent explanation! Very easy to understand, saves time. Cheers to you