Send SMS Messages With PHP

Send SMS Messages With PHP
In this video, you'll be learning how to send SMS messages with PHP.

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Clockwork SMS:

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  • norasidah nor
    Hi. Can you help me. i got this error when try to run it.

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Clockwork' not found in D:\webdata\123456\clockwork-sms\index.php:6 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in D:\webdata\123456\clockwork-sms\index.php on line 6.

    And on line 6 is this code.
    $clockwork = new Clockwork($apikey);

    Thanks in advance.
  • Jaylord Jl
    I've used latest clockwork API but then it does not work any idea?
  • Akosi Bryan
    PHP Warning: require(Clockwork.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in source_file.php on line 2
    PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required 'Clockwork.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in source_file.php on line 2

  • Files Deleted
    Please help me its not working

    $apikey = "d11c96c476d22a27cc439910f27ca28f0c08a5e8";
    $clockwork = new Clockwork($apikey);

    $message = array('to' => '919131535277', 'message' => 'testing prashun yadav');
    $done = $clockwork->send($message);

    Fix it
  • Files Deleted
    $apikey = "d11c96c476d22a27cc439910f27ca28f0c08a5e8";
    $clockwork = new Clockwork($apikey);

    $message = array('to' => '919131535277', 'message' => 'testing prashun yadav');
    $done = $clockwork->send($message);
  • Files Deleted
    $apikey = "d11c96c476d22a27cc439910f27ca28f0c08a5e8";
    $clockwork = new Clockwork($apikey);

    $message = array('to' => '919131535277', 'message' => 'testing prashun yadav');
    $done = $clockwork->send($message);

    Its not working please fix it please
  • anss ajlony
    thank you so mutch
  • cas818028
    The free was is to simply create a dedicated Gmail account the Google email to sms gatways you can get a list from Wikapedia the simply send an email that's what most these guys to behind the scenes and charge you for it.
  • Chitwan Singla
    i get an error near new Clockwork();
  • Power Learn
    Does't work!
  • mortem morspropeest
    i follow all of your instruction i already upload in my web page but still i dont receive any msg from the website my number start from +639(philippines) any solution tnx in advance.
  • Mack Dallas
    Plz i need a software that can send bulk sms unlimited, anyone knows about it?
  • Nick Fleming
    This is supposed to be a video to teach code and you just tell us to buy someone else's code, teach us how to make what clockwork made
  • MS Web Services
    works like a charm - thanks - and clockwork really fast and cheap!!
  • psicodelia tvs
    Does anyone know if it works in Mexico?
  • Kenneth Kafunya
    So let's say we don't know the customers number, we can say | $message = array('to' => $p_No | right?
  • matthew kenneth lee
    Hey Howcode!! how can the sender reply to my text messages? since i already have a clockwork number? thanks for your reply
  • Sifat Ullah Shah Dawar
    did clockworth give any testing message for development
  • Kamrul Hassan
    is this works in Bangladesh ?
  • Rafat Yusufi
  • Sonwabo Mzimba
    Can you do a tutorial on how to send WhatsApp messages with Php?
  • Sonwabo Mzimba
    Can you do a tutorial on how to send WhatsApp messages with Php?
  • felipe silva
    hey bro i did everything that you said in the video,but no text! i'm in Brazil perhaps that's why,any suggestions??
  • ThenisH
    Exception sending SMS: Insufficient Credits Available
  • Idhant Haldankar
    it was helpful!
  • daniel safwan
    hello,can u help me how to send automatic SMS reminder to phone using php?thankyou
  • Eric Fianu
    Can u help me to send bulk sms using the same clockwork?
  • tushal jain
    we can sent msg from mobile
    to how code
  • sattar jamali
    how to show our own site name
  • Tony Aizize
    Hello! Thanks first. I follow your steps and it didnt show any error but i didnt get the message. I checked the phone number and area code, both were correct.
  • Matías Hugo Seminara
  • Domi
    Im getting error 500
  • Shubham Durral Rawat
    Erorr: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate
    what does this mean?? bro..
    if u can help us
  • unique video
    does it work in india..????
  • Krishna Torque
    its not working on localhost.
  • Mer Igos
    How should I format the number of the reciever.? Like this.? e.g Philippines +639229458515 ??????? PLEASE HELP BADLY NEEDED SIR ..
  • Павел Матвеев
    не работает эта хрень
    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'HTTP Error calling Clockwork API - HTTP Status: 0 - cURL Erorr: SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed'
  • Ahmed Saeed
    Hi.. You must have you own domain for sending message? or yoh can simply do it in xampp??
  • Salt Cracker
    "Exception sending SMS: Invalid XML"....
  • Nina Hassan
    Hye howCode.. I tried this code and there's an error and how do i solve this? If it's the SSL Certificate problem, what should i do? I've got an important presentation tmrw.. Pls help :(
  • Ariel Divine Torreon
    Insufficient Credits Available how do i solved this problem
  • Ronald Cowles
    Why would I want to go through all that work to use someone elses website to send a sms when I could just go to their url and send it from their page without the added work.
  • Billy Shattered
    Make a more advanced video please.
  • Maverick Madera
    where did you get that class-Clockwork.php and classClockworkExcemption.php
  • Delroy Young
    I just wonder what kind of limitation there is. I mean, what if you want to use the code dynamically?
  • Thomas Orlita
    Does it work in Europe? (Czech Republic)

    Edit: No, it doesn't...
  • preeti singh
    no error but unable to recieve message. Plz help me