What are microservices and how to use them.

What are microservices and how to use them.

What are microservices and how to use them.

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  • busyrand
    Circling back to this. I actually understood this entirely this time, as opposed to my first time viewing it. Even the comments and discussions made sense. Great explanation, especially the part about best use case of micro services as support applications primarily.
  • Ahmad Ismail
    I actually need a suggestion. Please forgive me if it sounds naive.

    I know microservices communicate using inter-process communication mechanism based on either messaging or RPC. However, I actually want a solution where I will host the microservices in a single machine. When it scale I will move the microservices in different machines. In the mean time (While the microservices are in the same machine) I want them to communicate locally instead of using the network (API/RPC). But, when I move one of the microservice I want to enable the API/RPC with little configuration. is there any existing solution for that?
  • Przemek Wleklik
    3 nerds max :D :D
  • Daniel French
    Sweet-spot: 3 nerds, GOT IT!!! LMAO Love your videos and wisdom. It's great and refreshing to hear your opinions and experiences. :)
  • iOS REAL
    Sorry, I meant degrees and do we need them - obviously we don't unless we're going for government or corp job
  • iOS REAL
    Hey Stef, can I feature you in my video, it's about degrees and so we need them. I just wanted to download a few seconds of your video to give my viewers a visual. Thanks.
  • Danko Milutinovic
    Thank you so much for this video. If I could I would give you 1000 likes for it. It's so much appreciated.
  • I comment what you're thinking!
    Are microservices the same as SOA?