Scooter Fuel Injection Kit GY6

Scooter Fuel Injection Kit GY6
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finally there is a simple solution to converting your scooter to fuel injection. This kit will come with everything you need to convert the scooter over. Why feel injection? The fuel injection system will start up trouble free every time. No more annoying carb cleans after months of sitting. Perfect tuning at every altitude!  Feel injection is just better than carbureted engines

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  • 600bubba
    2003 Geely moto fashion 50cc vertical cyclinder 2 stroke Compatable?
  • Charles Irizarry
    will this work on a 2017 Taotao atm50a1 with the 1p39qmb 60cc engine i dont want to make the purchase and make a mistake at the same time
  • redneckhippiefreak
    How about answering some of Our Questions? That would be nice. =/
  • Trinity Blue
    I have a "100cc" big bore kit on my 50cc scooter, have you guys tested this out with those bbk mods yet? I'm asking this because when I checked your website it looks two different kits are offered, one for the 50cc and 100-250cc class, and I realized the 50mm BBK is really closer to an 80cc upgrade. Thanks in advance for your time.
  • slickjimmy
    Will it work on a 2 stroke Yamaha kt 100?
  • Kenny_T
    I need one for a 2017 Lance 50 cc scooter. I don't see this item on your web site anywhere
  • Alvaro Sánchez
    Can 8 of them be fitted on a 2015 Camaro?
  • Chamjisky Khan
    Aoa can it be installed on 200cc water cooled cg 200 ohv push rod model?
    Mine is using pz 30 carburetor and its engine model is 163ML.
  • Chamjisky Khan
    How is its reaponse with 230cc?
    Any improvements in performance? Top sped?

    Does it impacts fuel mileage?
  • michael menough
    will this work on a get ruckus?
  • Ton Nguyen
    can we see a install video on a ruck GET motor