How I Learned to Code - and Got a Job at Google!

How I Learned to Code - and Got a Job at Google!
How to learn to code: This is a story of how I learned to code and eventually became skilled enough to get a job at Google.

My Python tutorials for complete beginners:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1Yd7upQsXY&list=PLBZBJbE_rGRWeh5mIBhD-hhDwSEDxogDg
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    I disagree with your suggestion for the first programming language.
    I believe in: "do it in the hard way"

    If you want to become a good programmer, start coding with C language.
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    I've been learning about software engineering and design for 14 years and I was really inspired after watching this! I think I want to start my own channel 100!
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    Awesome vid.. I know basic things about java, c and html. I really want to be as good as you.. how can I learn phyton? Any website recommendation?
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    What system is the best for coding
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    Ew, JavaScript or Python as a first language? Really?
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    I want to learn coding from begining to ending
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    I'm very interested in learning how to code . My reason is because I eventually want to live in the Philippines and do my work online/freelance. Finding a job in the Philippines is very difficult. What computer language do you recommend I should learn first? I'm a complete beginner. currently in the nursing field.
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    After i gone through your suggestions i got in Infosys(India Based company(services & product based))..Now im working at client office (Sweden),earning like a Google fulltime software developer... Love from an Indian.
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    I’m a 32 year old mum of 2 wanting to learn coding from basics to become a professional programmer. Am I nuts or is it do-able?
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