How I Learned to Code - and Got a Job at Google!

How I Learned to Code - and Got a Job at Google!
How to learn to code: This is a story of how I learned to code and eventually became skilled enough to get a job at Google.

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  • ankit kumar
    how much time u take to learn the computer language
  • Hoang Minh Nguyen
    My first language was pascal .. taught by high school
  • Bhavana Sinha
    please make tutorial to make chrome extensions step by step. Thanks in advance
  • shalini chouhan
    Make vedios on data structures tutorials
    Hi This video is so educative and intriguing! I am on my 2nd year majoring in Software Engineering. I am learning Java and Python at this moment and wonder if I should stick to one code language and be good at it or know as many as languages I can such as Java, Python, JavaScript, etcs...I also wonder if Google particularly wants or uses certain languages to be qualified as a software engineer or UI/UX designer. What languages do you think I can learn in order to be qualified at one of those top IT companies? Thanks!
  • A55tech
    How come his accent is different from TechLead's.
  • Pump Jack
    Thanks for video I am 4 years old and I am learning c++ and c# currently.
    Put the speed by 2x and see how he speaks lol
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    1 comment if you didn't laugh!
  • marco narca
    where do i get best resources on learning java sir ?
    Wrong info everywhere /////bleah.....
  • reshma darjee
    i love program and creating a website is also my aim but wer to start is my daily question
    What is the importance of mathematics in programming
  • Shahid ahmad
    Thanks bro...
  • Eric Choi
    I like your video, bro. nice work!
  • Georgios Doumas
    I see a lot of people are still asking questions like "how to find a personal project to work on?". Well I feel them , because the languages that I know are C and C++ , so it seems to me that I cannot do anything fancy (I do not know how ti build a webpage for example), only if I want to devote time to learn Qt5 (it is based on C++ ) could I build some application with a graphical user-interface. So I am still reading books about Algorithms , and about general C++ (I have not even studied Stroustrup's book yet, the 2013 edition, I am reading other books on C and C++) . The most jobs on C/C++ seem to be on embedded development, so learning Arduino seems a nice option. Also all you people that know some language that does not feel proper for starting a personal project, do this : find an open-source application that is build on this language , and start learning its codebase, start contributing to its documentation, and eventually fixing bugs . So you will be able to say in an interview :"I have been a contributor to this open-source project that is build in Python/C/java ..., I fixed N number of bugs". I have not started that myself, but it seems the only option to get the attention of the companies.
  • Ayul Ayol
    The code is so hard
  • Ani Avetisyan
    Google job YAY 😍 it sounds too easy but it's not :(((
  • arjun pukale
    I have learnt python n now want to start off with simple projects. So which website should i refer
  • Darth Loth-Ins
    2:25 Step 24 (out of 4)
  • Izco Mdz
    Which websites are helpful to practice basic java programming so I can hone the simple skills?
  • 藤原Fujiwara
    You were living in Japan....and you left??
  • Himanshu Agarwal
    getting a degree might be a option dafq it's a necessity xD
  • Sujit Marathe
    How to decide the personsonal project to work on?
  • Muhammad Amir
  • Ruman Rony
    I am totaly fresh about coding.. And in computer also.. so can i do fast to learn coding
  • Ozkan Altuner
    Don't learn to code for just to get a job at Google, learn if you really into computers and solve problems using code
  • EK Lee
    Sorry... I have thought that you are Chinese.
  • Amartya Chatterjee
    thank you jojo for these videos
  • VeoBroLIVE
    Enjoying 7star hotel
  • JB P
    Thank you:).Hope I could learn coding
  • 10clover
    Step 6: Be Asian

  • SURYA TEJA pandu
    Actually Iam a computer science student but I don't know even basics also
  • Let's Know It
    That is really Awesome brother... I like it
  • yaqub shah
    Hey, can u share how to start for a personal project ... I have learned c programming but only knows how to code in codeblocks and turbo c ...how to use it for personal projects
  • Suwat Saksasichai
    you're so cuteeee
  • F_ M-R-X
    How old are you ?
  • zizi zineb
    thank u so so much
    and one thing I noticed about you is that you are so cute and lovely
  • Desy Desywe
    Your "Hi Youtube!" is so cute :D
  • KevinVijay vijay
    in 0:29 you downlodeed java]
  • KevinVijay vijay
    in 3:09 i saw you killed a cat
  • Trioxa Shazly
  • Microprod
    i recommend first to learn scratch, then visual basic then get on the heavy stuff like java html etc
  • Sanket shah
    The cringe when he talked about getting stuck
  • Can we get 1000 subcribers with1 video?
    HTML is the easiest language
  • Leo Daidone
    Great video! I went to freecodecamp and code academy, as you suggested, do you have any tip or sites like previous to learn/improve with Golang?
  • gole entertainment
    Ye Kya jam rha he please Hindi me bolo