Celebrities With Weird/Hidden Talents!!

Celebrities With Weird/Hidden Talents!!
Here are some celebrities with some crazy hidden talents! 
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Funniest Celebrity Comebacks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eynCjh67NxA

People featured: Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, Rihanna, Zac Efron, and more!

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  • Meatpie -Official-
    How come theres a ton of videos of musicians singing? Half of this video isnt hidden talents, its just actor/musicians or musician/actors doing what they are famous for lol. Im just waiting to see a clip from a Meatloaf music video like "OH DID U KNO!?" haha
  • the grunch
    most of these are not hidden talents...
  • since 17
  • SC H
    Um, Will Smith started out as a rapper and later turned actor.
  • Pop!
    Taylor swift is a bit stupid...
  • Tanner Barry
    I learned that Justin Bieber isn’t all that bad
  • alina koshy
    I can do the Rubik's cube in less than 45 secs
  • el FUAMIKI
    Does this person realise will smith was a rapper at first
  • Ilya K.
    And the winner is ... 2:00!
    P.S. Eating food and "singing" rap are truly weird hidden talents - no doubt.
  • Noddy Ninetythree
    so will smith's weird/hidden talent is that he can rap?
    are you retarded?
  • Jojo Ate All Your Beans!
    I have a talent to be so stupid to think it’s ok to chug a Dr Pepper after being full.
  • Brianna Carranza
    4:29 ummm 🤔
  • Melissa Dominguez rodas
    1:28 -thinking-finally I can eat my fries from McDonald's
  • Bella Chu
  • Kxcy.Darling_Msp
    0:55 i loove ari's talent
    0:46 I Do the same thing, it’s not that wierd
  • STA
    My hidden talent is this:

    Obama i
    Obama is
    Obama is g
    Obama is go
    Obama is goo
    Obama is good
    Obama is good a
    Obama is good at
    Obama is good at s
    Obama is good at si
    Obama is good at sin
    Obama is good at sing
    Obama is good at singi
    Obama is good at singin
    Obama is good at singing
    Obama is good at singing
    Obama is good at singin
    Obama is good at singi
    Obama is good at sing
    Obama is good at sin
    Obama is good at si
    Obama is good at s
    Obama is good a
    Obama is good
    Obama is goo
    Obama is go
    Obama is g
    Obama is
    Obama i
  • Steven Forde
    5:30 ? Talking into a microphone is a talent these days damn lol
  • reylynnsoph
    My special talent is not having one :)
    My talent is

    I can breathe
  • Recraize -
    Isn’t that just Ariana singing?
  • Grace P
    My hidden talent is i can shake my eyes and touch my thumb to my wrist.
  • Pearls Predicament ovo
    Harry Potter who!
  • candace b
    Will Smith being able to rap isn't a hidden talent
  • xX Madelyn’s Life Xx
    2:30 I can do that
  • #Fairylover Flfl
    Was Dwayne Johnson supposed to have noise on his part cause I didn't hear anything
  • Avril R
    And I thought Justin Bieber was dumb
  • Kassia Toth
    Doing cartoon voice overs, memorizing raps, and performing satirical raps written for you? Great talent guys.... The other ones are pretty fun!
  • Ichimatsu Trash
    I can make my eyes shake idk how
  • fandom love rp
    My hidden talent is I can pick up chicken legs and paint with my feet cause I only have two toes.
  • Flayaa
  • Potato_Face1221
    i think we ALL have good muscle control over our eyebrows
  • AngeltheProdigy
    Oh no Taylor Swift rapping
  • Dylan Chappell
    My talent is:

    Watching these kind of videos depressed!!!!
  • Charidy Robinson
    I love how Zendaya can eat ice cream with her teeth
  • May Bailer
    Wow, he solved a Rubix cube in under 2 minutes! OMG like people can's do it in like, twenty seconds! (No offense, but why's he acting so cool and coy because of his "talent"?)
  • Gergely Berkics
    Will Smith is a rapper guys his talent is not hidden in any way
  • lundholmproduction
    Eating a lemon whats that all about
  • Simon Short
    Wow. Who would have thought Will Smith can rap??? @cubehub01 cmon
  • Luis Eduardo Machado Chodren
    0:16 lesbian chicks lost it here
  • Revidex Serrano Deadsarwin503
    Will Smith was a raper in 90s or 2001
  • LucidLuscious
    sabrina carpenter, a singer, whose secret talent is singing? same with selena gomez like?
  • Guli Sutter
    neil harrison killed it at the end
  • Bratislav Metulski
    0:49 stupid as hell - everybody does it, biatch
  • CW I
    Obama melted my heart
    1:09 OK I can do it in one minute.
  • Kamea Newland
    Damn Millie bobby brown!!!
  • Independent Taco
    Will smith is a rapper...not a hidden talent 😂😂😂
  • AshNicFeld
    I’m a simple person

    I see Zac Efron, I CLICK!!!
  • BroleaderThe Gamer
    The woman that did that toad thing I can do that as well