HOW TO OVERCLOCK AMD Laptop GPU | MSI Afterburner Tutorial

HOW TO OVERCLOCK AMD Laptop GPU | MSI Afterburner Tutorial
Short tutorial how to OC a GPU in your AMD Laptop | simple guide - how to overclock laptop's dedicated GPU with MSI Afterburner

How to use switchable graphics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MR5IIFlkTtY

IMPORTANT! Overclocking may void the original manufacturer's warranty and CAN cause damage to your card if you are not careful. I am NOT responsible for any actions you take.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GPUtestofficial/

Used free software:
MSI afterburner: http://gaming.msi.com/features/afterburner
FurMark: http://www.geeks3d.com/20150828/furmark-1-17-0-gpu-stress-test-opengl-benchmark/

I overclocked my laptop's M330 to 1000MHz/1000MHz.

Laptop configuration: 
CPU: AMD Quad Core A8-6410
GPU: AMD Radeon R5 M330 2GB
OS: Windows 10 64bit

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  • Harsh B
    my gpy clock and mem clock is just 600MHz and i cant able to change power and temp limit.. PLEASE HELP
  • Pavel Doležel
    Hello, I would like to ask what temperature the test should turn off. Thank you in advance for your reply. | Dobrý den, chtěl bych se zeptat, na jaké teplotě bych měl vypnout test. Předem děkuji za odpověď.
  • Hussein AZ
    Can I overclock amd r7 260m
    this not overclock you are idot
  • Unesh Neupane
    I have a Lenovo y700 laptop with AMD R9 M375 4gb gpu. Can i OC it ?
  • Kyle Jesse
    I dont have this feature on mine, i have AMD Radeon R7 M265 how can i overclock my gpu?
  • sean stapert
    can I overclock my amd a 10 9620p radeon r5 graphics
  • DragonZzGFX
    when i click apply, it goes back automatically
  • Dafa Setiadi
    can i overclock the amd radeon r5 graphics
  • Loco 0711
    can i overclock the a8- 6410 gpu ???
  • Jawad F
    Does it matter if the Temp is 85??
  • ShadowNeonThunder Cringeness and more
    Will this work on AMD Radeon HD 7310 (Yes, it is an old apu)
  • Pavan Kumar
    Bro I had both integrated intel and dedicated amd graphics how I have to select graphic card in furmark
  • ASTRO BOY william
    i got the same laptop but the ram is bigger though i did open the afterburner but the clockspeed is at 800, what shall i do?
  • Furkan Enes Kaplan
    amd radeon HD8730m 2gb overclock ?
  • Furkan Enes Kaplan
    Does this work whit R5 M330 1gb ?
  • joy carlo
    bro i got the same gpu card and when i run the mointor while gaming on the left upper corner
    it show me that ram usage of intel internal gpu more than 5 or 4 times amd gpu ram usage
    why is there something wrong with this amd gpu card
    it give me 100 mb usage of 2gb at maximum and i've installed all the drivers
  • Spider Student
    I am sorry, what if my Temp is so high? Should I lower the Core Clock and the Memory Clock? And how much do I have to lower them down? Also about the Power Limit, should I increase it?
  • Seyithan -MadLeader- Akbulut
    How much I must make an overclock to R5 M430 (900 MHz/1030 MHz)?
  • aaron Ramos
    Why Does FurMark Detect only my Inter HD Graphics 520 not my AMD R5 M330
  • TheRayzen Highlights
    FurMark detecting my Intel GPU? How can I fix it
  • saleem alharir
    can you help me overclock my radeon r5 m420 graphic card
  • -Nathan- -Ps-
    Hey w hy in my laptop all the msi afterburner clock setting is locked
  • Actar
    Does this work whit R5 M320?
  • Agent Hunk
    I have the Integrated R5 Graphics on my A10-9600p
    July of 2016...

    I am not sure what type of R5 it is...is it M230?or M330?

    the better question is how do I use this MSI and Sapphire without doing harm....I want to keep it balanced...
  • Critzeros
    Just looking at videos for overclocking, then you make one for my specific laptop. Thanks man.
  • Spaghetti
    i have r5 335m and in far cry 3 on max clock +11% power my gpu get 75-85 degree its bad ?
  • Mxru
    is it bad if my GPU goes to 80°? at the start it was 37° and with this 77°
  • Romain Guilbert
    I have got a problem, the overclock work but a few days ago, it says "400 MHz, 600 mhz,50*C" and before "1030,1000" 90*C
  • Γιάννης Γκίνης
    will a laptop cooler stand help in keeping the temperatures low?
  • Cesar Alvarez
    The Radeon R5 M230, M330 and M255 all of them are basically the same theres barely an improvement so all work fine with this tool.
  • Julian Mustofa
    this also can overclock with lastest radeon crimson in over drive profile
  • Gursimran Kochar
    can i over clock my R5 M315....????
    After overclocking thoes that text f gpu and fps such things appear while playing gta 5?
  • vijay kumar
  • Josip Rex
    can this overclock my graphics Graphics Chipset
    AMD Radeon R5 M255
  • Josip Rex
    can this overclock my graphics Graphics Chipset
    AMD Radeon R5 M255
  • praneeth cazoit
    I am having r7 m360 but in MSI afterburner shows the maximum is 900mz
  • Low end master
    at what temp should i stop playing games coz my pc gets overheated real quick
  • Bobby
    How long to overclock it ?
  • Krazzy
    I have a Dell Inspiron 3541 with the same APU about teh GPU cause it only says radeon r5 graphics, but i do what you do, but my core clock and memory clock stays at 800MHz, any ideas why?
  • Dave Shahi
    Does this work with m335 2gb?
  • GulfO1
    For the people who want to squeeze out every bit of performance they can get, try different drivers and use a benchmark like 3Dmark 11 (entry) to test them (higher average fps means more performance).

    For even higher overclocks you can edit the config file of MSI Afterburner to extend unofficial overclock settings. Be aware that this is risky and can overheat the gpu or stress it too much which will shorten its lifespan....

    Its also advisable to adjust driver settings to best performance or customize them if you know what you're doing.

    Last but not least, make sure you're laptop isn't running a lot of background processes as this will affect performance too.
    Processes requiring a lot of recources like cpu or ram should be kept to a minimum. Use google to determine if they're necessary or not.
  • Noforus
    i cant move the memory clock
  • rahul rajput
    i wanted to overclock my amd radeon r5 m335 4gb ddr3 graphics crad can i overclock it
  • Alok Srivastava
    will it cause any damage
  • Son Quach Kim
    i have my laptop dell 5559 i7 6500u, 8gb ram, amd r5 m330 so can I play gta 5 at 60 fps after overcloking
  • Christoforus Ardhito
    I cant move the slider pls help
  • Noforus
    Mine is the same with you but its 8 GB Can i overclock it?
  • Mister k
    intel i3 380m 2,53 GHz
    4,00 GB ram
    amd radeon hd mobility 5000series