MW&S Wind Turbine Truck Test on Raptor Generation 4 Blades 2011

MW&S Wind Turbine Truck Test on Raptor Generation 4 Blades 2011

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Missouri Wind and Solar offers a service no other DIY wind and solar company does – system design, installation advice, and detailed personal diagrams on how to wire the system together.  You’re not blindly purchasing products you *think* you might need, you’re getting true customer and technical support before and after the sale.

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  • ChileExpatFamily
    how did you keep it from flying off the truck?
  • gene mayne
    Hi Jeff you can send me both items any day  wind turbine and truck i like way set it up to test. It would be one way to run an electric car keep the battery charged up using a little wind turbine fitted in front car were the rad would been ,its a wonder no ones done this on a test car your video's make me see so many use's for wind turbine
  • ChileExpatFamily
    Are there some tests I can do for Wind Turbine and Solar panels to see if they will work here in Chile?
  • Froilan WIND&SOLAR
    saw your wind turbines selling on ebay, i convert the price from $ to peso especially the raptors model....all i can say-hmmmmm, do you sell a used raptor wind turbine? or here in filipino terms surplus or second hand one,,,
  • Froilan WIND&SOLAR
    sir, why did you named most of your turbine as raptor? just curious....
  • Mary Rhodes
    AWESOME!! you can now show the people that set up turbines in swamp bottoms surrounded by trees what they did wrong,  even disprove the goal post method , that might take a wide load escort vehicle.......mount a giant amp meter on the dash......who you gonna call....AMPBUSTERS!!!!!!
  • ian57812
    Don't forget you have a incoming wind speed of guess?? 12 mph to get 3 plus amps.  So at 30 mph cubed wind speed might be a bit out. but cool video hows the wind tunnel coming on.
  • Pixcodelix
    This looks really unsafe to use.
  • Richard Downer
    wow to hell with the wind turbine blades. that is a great looking FORD truck.. looks like it is is super great shape... I am a FORD person  heehee  OK I do have to admit that is SUPER great power from a Roof mounted wind turbine on a GREAT FORD TRUCK.. that is 2x more amps on average than I get with the 400 watt (BULLSHIT) OULU wind turbine + its over 35 feet off the ground!!! NICE video thanks bud... OLD video also....
  • buzzsah
    ps, built in a 12inch tube by 18 inched long.
  • buzzsah
    A need foe a 12 inch wind turbine that can handle 60-70 mile per hour winds ?
  • TheEmptyNester
    That is what is missing on electric cars. They could be self powered.
  • ŹÈÚŠ
    I have always wanted one behind the cab, sticking up only half way.
  • john otoole
    you could put this on one of those rotating poles and the truck can go round and round, lol
  • sha whit
    Well that was exciting....I can see you putting out a wind turbine powered car...I would never run out of gas again! Thanks Jeff.