Android Push Notifications using GCM, PHP & MySQL – Realtime Chat App (Demo)

Android Push Notifications using GCM, PHP & MySQL – Realtime Chat App (Demo)
Android tutorial about building a simple realtime chat app using GCM, PHP & MySQL.

Real full tutorial here

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  • Tu psicólogo en Línea
    I need to put also the sound notification message in my chats' app with the firebase console, so i use all methods but i cant do it, please help me. i want that i send message with sound notification to user by chat. thanks. you can send me the code to: dasnyapp@gmail.com
  • Abhi Pandey
    you are not using firebase
  • Tapan Gupta
    Kindly add an Voice audio to all tutorials
  • Cheetos
    nice tutorial, but , i want build apps with HTML5 , thats mean , cant using PHP at client side.. how?
  • Rushi Desai
    Possible with Firebase?
    I want a notification every time another user sends me a message.
  • Azzis Arswendo
    halp me pleace. how to make push notification NOT using GCM. just using Phonegap, PHP & MySQL, and run in background
  • praneeth kumar
    Is there no audio or am I not able to here it?
  • Chauhan Ajay
    nice demo sir ...but this is related with chat app...and its looks like more complicated..
    can you pls make simple one only Push Notification like,
    Android Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) Running PHP Project with new MySqli Query
    Please sir /\
  • Dream Developer
    Please Help!!!

    I need to integrate GCM to FCM app should be same as this.
    Secondly I want to remove login activity, Plus also remove send msg button and txt area.

    Please Help !!!
  • Izanagi72
    It sounds silly ... but what are android emulators?
  • Wafa Euchi
    Please can you help me ...error in postman "Unexpected '<'"
  • David Batista Taboada
    Como haces para correr 3 amuladores de android?
  • Kuan Gerry
    should also note that client side was build by Java
  • Vinayak Hegde
    except notification sound no other sound. mute tutorial
  • akakaak2323
    Thanks an amazing tutorial, and very helpfull.
  • Sebastian Manriquez
    Gracias por compartir, Saludos
  • Achraf Youssef
    welcome back
  • Jasson Fae
    Perfect! thanks!