DPC2017: Zend Thread Safety , how PHP engine works in a threaded env - Julien Pauli

DPC2017: Zend Thread Safety , how PHP engine works in a threaded env - Julien Pauli
Zend thread Safety, also called ZTS, is a special way to build a thread safe PHP interpreter, usually used under Windows or Unixes requiring its help.
We'll start by the beginning, recalling attendees what threads are, why we use them, and what we can do with them.
Then, we'll remind ourselves on how the PHP engine works internally, before talking about how it isolates requests from threaded webserver.
This talk is about internal technical details of how parallel computation have been achieved into the PHP language.

This talk was given at the Dutch PHP Conference in 2017, organised and hosted by Ibuildings. Visit http://phpconference.nl or http://www.ibuildings.nl for more information.

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  • Smuuf
    This is an excellent introduction and summary for a person who wants to have a better insight of how this stuff works in PHP. Thank you!