Kat's Hacks AirPods Part 2

Kat's Hacks AirPods Part 2
Hey guys, I'm back with a brandnew product unboxing and review. I was really lucky and got a pair of Apple AirPods. They are pretty hard to get at the moment. But I can tell you: After only one day with the AirPods I would never give them back again. So have a look at the video. In part 1 was unboxing the AirPods and connected them to my phone. Part 2 is a stress test. Yes... I'm going to put the AirPods under a lot of stress, including a hot shower. Have fun! :-) Love, Kat

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  • Flyfactors UK
    Oh Kat ... I hope you were able to keep these earphones because of this video and what this adds to them as a product. I would now like to get a pair of these myself for when I am meditating / trying to get to sleep and it will be lovely to picture and remember you as I am using them. You're looking great in this video as well and I feel extremely positive as I am watching it - much the same as what I feel when I am meditating in fact. There's also a bit of a nice and intimate feeling I detect as I am watching this too which I think relates to seeing you in bed / in the shower. Good as this shows you have personality and talent instead of just being another dull boring product pusher with as much appeal for me as Spongebob Squarepants :o) :o) :o)
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    What previous apple earpods?!
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