GY6 plug & play fuel injection!! WHAAAAT?

GY6 plug & play fuel injection!! WHAAAAT?
We have been working on a plug and play GY6 fuel injection system for quite some time. The goal is to install the system under 30 minutes. fuel injection is a huge upgrade from carbureted in my opinion. There are plenty of fuel injection kits on the market but none of them are plug-and-play. There is way too much to learn for the average Joe. We hope to have this simple kit on the market in the next few months. www.rollingwrenchdenver.com

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  • Waltkat
    Not sure what's up with the carburetted scooters you've worked on but I have a 2008 scooter with a 150cc engine and I've NEVER had to touch the carb in 13K miles.
  • camilo satiro
    I want for my gy6 171
  • Science of Speed
    I bet you could turbocharge it with that kit, please release it! I'm trying to turbocharge mine!
  • B Meyers
    Ok, where do I buy one?
  • jay Tarantula
    It ready yet?
  • A Fernando
    Hi, Can we use it with 2 cylinder engine too?
  • Brandon Perez
    When will you have the plug and play version available ?
  • Snow fox
    can u recomend 1 for 350 cc
  • Gerald Roland
    Hello rolling wrench. would this EFI kit work on a 250cc single cylinder Chinese dirt bike.
    Like the hawk 250 or bashan brozz 250 enduro
  • marco21falcon
    Any power gains from this? Or just economy?
    Is fuel injection kit compatible with a ZNEN F35 ???
    Any bit bore kit for the ZNEN F35 (50cc to 150cc) ???
  • irongoatrocky
    well where are we on this? I want one for my 171cc Metruck along w your GY6 PnP kit
  • Hasan ÖZ
    perfect System, i have honda Dylan and i want convert this carburated scooter to efi, but efi kits are very expensive. One Us dollar equals to 4 Turkish liras and this kit nearly has same price with the chinese gy6 scooter.
  • Everything Possible
    Any updates? I want to buy one.
  • Pulsar Tech
    Could you guys help me figure out wiring a Microsquirt ECU to the GY6 much more control and tuneability
  • mrhalloweenguy
    Would this be compatible and easy to install for my Kymco People 250?
  • Francisco Gonzalez Chu
    take my money!!!
  • Christopher Rhoads
    How will you address air density, air temp and o2 sensor inputs for a programmable ecu?
  • neo 71665
    As long as it doesn't cost more than a used scooter costs cough-ecotrons-cough Get the price right and I'll buy one for my 150 cc (might be 180 by then) buggy and tell you how it works on one of those.
  • L- Swaggy
    Dear Rolling Wrench Denver, Just so you know, be ready to take my money.
  • Elwood Watson
    Tease tease tease blah blah blah, Sure wish you're gonna git done sooooon! cause then you can tell me what to do on my CHUCKUS. Please note, I said what to do, not where to go!! just saying
  • Jermaine Bryson
    How much would this kit cost? Could i pre order??
  • Cameron Mochizuki
    Would the efi work on my kymco agility
  • PsPc Gamer
    Make video with c50 please i want to saw the other steps😉😉. I from greece
  • Edvinas J.
    check speeduino.com forum somone connected speeduino to same tbi setup instead of china ecu copy