Web Development 2018 - The Must-Know Tech

Web Development 2018 - The Must-Know Tech
A complete roadmap to being a successful web dev in 2018!
The mindmap with all of the links: http://bit.ly/2p63dS9
Node.js course!: https://gumroad.com/l/iqGFt
Jump to a section:
- Basic Front End: 2:04
- No Matter Which Route You Take: 4:57
- Front End Engineer: 7:29
- Back End Engineer: 14:42
- DevOps: 21:11

This video covers everything it takes to be a web developer in 2018.  Beginning web development, learning html and css, learning javascript, becoming a front end developer, becoming a back end developer...and even dev ops and docker!

If you learn these skills, you'll be an in-demand developer with a modern and powerful skillset.

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  • Jessie MP
    I didn't read all the comments, but what about mobile app development? Thank you very much for such a great video!!!
  • Jose Roberto Rodriguez
    Will we get a Web Development 2019 video by end of 2018?
  • system2
    It might not seem sexy (or relevant), but understanding how routers, firewalls and switches work (and routing/switching in general) are very useful and employable skills, especially when it comes to understanding security and distribution of web services.
  • Живко Николов
    you are awesome sir!
  • Destinee Gray
    I know I am late on this and you are probably going to update this in a few months but would you happen to have a printable of this chart (for lack of a better term)?
  • Cameron Bright
    so If Im gonna build native apps ?
  • n o
    When you're an HTML CSS and JS noob and stumble across this video 🚑🚨🚒
  • rms _
    A lot of bad Java and C# ??? Man wake up there is horde of abandoned JS/Node repos on Github and trillions of shit like code lines, with worst coding practices ever. While in Java/C# most of the time repos is better than average quality. It's really hard to find bad Java/C# examples or blogs or tutorials out there. You mixed something totally up, or your knowledge about static type languages is scarce.
  • Web destiny seo
    best web design and development company in India. @t
  • Thomas Hoffmann
    So when can we expect the 2019 video? :)
  • Touhidul Islam Jahin
    Bhallagse bro!
  • Rob J
    Wow, great job! This is really helpful for us newbies; giving us a great 10,000 ft. view to devise a plan of attack & lots of great resources! Haven't found a lot of detailed yet easy to understand big picture overview out there. Great stuff!
    Thank you!
  • Petr Havlik
    Great overview video! I am a huge fan of your videos and courses, your lectures are very clean and have great information/length ratio (which cannot be said about the most of other stuff available on internet or youtube to my opinion). You are certainly one of the speakers that is a pleasure to listen to. Thanks!
  • Samwil Gost
    Would you be able to do a video about everything you need to know to be a data engineer?
    if not it's cool, I like your videos!
  • john mcdonald
    has mustache been replaced by webpack? is there any point in learning it?
  • ameer adel
    Thank you for the insight, as someone who never dueled in web development since 2012 i find this very helpful.
  • Thomas Hoffmann
    Thanks for the awesome video. I've been working professionally in the industry since 2006, but stuck on a legacy stack at work for the past few years. This video is a great overview if you are trying to figure out where the gaps in your knowledge are, and where to focus your attention. Watching it now, towards the end of 2018, it's all still super relevant - well done Will!
  • naveenkumarreddy baddigam
    I have been looking for this. no one has ever put all together and me see the complete picture.
  • Deadline
    I'm from Germany so I'm sorry for my english🙈🙊. But i have started learning the HTML basics. But i have a question. A lot of people are coding with Visual Studio or Brackets. But what is the better program?
  • Spartan
  • micjakes1
    Is it too late to get into this field? Anyone can learn this for free on the net. Is it flooded? Can a newbie get a job?
  • Manuel Ruh Guevara
    Great video!! Make a video on Authentication and Authorization :)
  • Sanskriti Lamsal
    This video is too good. I am new to this and thanks for explaining it so well <3 <3 from Nepal
  • Work Hard & Smart Pick A Clover Be Successful
    This video is very helpful. Thanks.
  • Ferro Carrillo
    You sound just like alpha.m.anyways, great content!thanks!
  • John Morris
    James like always great information you put out.

    I have found that most companies ask some weird questions about html that even if you are a seasoned developer you couldn’t find the answer if you tried
  • johan mendez
    Hey at front end... What about OOCSS? and what about mobile development?
  • Hashtag EV
    Fuck finally I found a good video on this subject
  • Tal Sheldon
    where is Data Engineering in respect to backend engineering?
  • anwer shahith
    Impressive.... :)
  • Chris Bombino
    Great video!! The one thing I've been wondering is in today's day and age, what advantage is their to developing a website from scratch and going through the entire development & deployment cycle when you can do something similar with WordPress that takes much less time and effort?
  • Adam Phillips
    Someone only has to fart these days and a new framework comes out. I'm not one for breathing in someone else's fart. It's really interesting watching your annual videos listing these technologies, because you can kinda either get really worried you don't have time to keep up, or you can relax and see none of these farts will linger too long. But there are lots of tech companies that hear the latest fart and have to smell it, and it's chaos - projects built around farts that will be hard to maintain in the future because the farts have blown away in the wind before you know it - which might be OK if the projects don't need to be built to last.

    I hope new devs aren't put off by all the smells in this industry and can just focus on good programming practices and the tech that has stood the test of time to start with. I also hope they take comments about C# and Java having lots of bad code with a pinch of salt - you can write bad code with anything, even more so with a loosely-typed language like javascript. Comes back to learning good practices to start with.

    I'm fortunate enough to work outside the chaos at the moment, but I don't know how people sleep when they're trying to keep up with the next latest tech - so much money must get spent on refactoring / rebuilding projects when new tech with such a short life span is adopted. I'd be interested to see an example of how much effort is involved in swapping out one framework for another in a small project. Maybe an idea for a new video?
  • Максим Байрамкулов
    перевод видео есть?
  • Kamrul Hasan Rafi
    I wish you have had video of everything explaining like that. Great work! Wish another video in the same way for Software development. Thanks
  • Ronni Hom
    Thank you for explaining this in such a clear and concise way. I was really confused about how to begin learning and now I feel more confident that this is manageable
  • Monish Thapa
    i cant see the mind map in the site!!!! why??
  • The Jared Wilcurt
    Great as always, I've been recommending this series to my newbies since 2014. A few things I think should be fixed: Sass, not SASS. Less, not LESS. and for CSS organization, ITCSS should be the first thing on the list. Mainly because it forces you to actually learn and understand how CSS works, rather than just a naming convention approach for classes.
  • Julio Berina
    You said in the video that you should default to MobX and use Redux once you start doing more complicated stuff with data.

    If I’m looking to get a job as a React Front-End Developer, should I still be defaulting to MobX ? I see a lot more React jobs asking for Redux instead of MobX as an add-on and was curious about that
  • Roveir Datu
    Why is python being overlooked here? Am I missing something here? Is there not a good demand to learn this scripting language?
  • Nikolas Adjan
    what about google firebase?
  • Jeffery Tang
    Take glamorous off the list, the guy who created glamorous says use emotion instead
  • Huzaifa Gujjar
    Sir, Please tell me: Is Modernizr important for web development or not? How can we increase and test the cross browser compatibility of our web site? :)
  • Tamajit Mukherjee
    Being an entrepreneur, it's really important to know tech in the present age. I have decided to become a full-stack engineer on the side after usual work hours in the next 6 months. I absolutely love the way you have laid out the roadmap and it matches a lot with what my CTO has told me. Keep up the amazing work. :)
  • FuZzL
    This video is amazing but I think you forgot one thing in basic front end. That thing is OOP. I think knowledge of OOJS is requried before using frameworks and building complex web apps.
  • GeeksPort
    That was awesome...
  • Ko- Jap
    Would love to see same style but for
    1- Authentication , Security
    2- Mobil dev
  • oltipolti
    Thank you for putting all this super information together!
  • Ehsan Dowlatshah
    Very good video. Bravo !