Web Development Tutorial For Beginners 2018 / 2019 - how to make a website

Web Development Tutorial For Beginners 2018 / 2019 - how to make a website
Learn Web Dev the way professionals do! This FULL course covers it all.  We'll learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and the workspace/computer setup that professionals use.

IMPORTANT! If you ONLY want a website for yourself or your business, DO NOT learn all this stuff...it's a waste of your time.
Instead, click here: to go to WIX ADI https://bit.ly/2LQYBf7.  Wix is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get a website up and running without learning the skills of a web developer.

Note, that's an affiliate link, so feel free to snoop around on their site to find the Wix ADI on your own if you don't want to support this channel.

This first video will get you setup for how to make a website by first setting up your computer for web development.

Next up, we'll learn HTML for beginners, then start baking in CSS to our HTML!

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  • TheStonedPotatoe
    Wow, you made this beyond simple. Much appreciated!
  • Persia Shahdi
    When trying to run server, I get an error "invalid path at liveserver.settings [...]" and then the opened tab in the browser says "Cannot get /"
  • Jayden Maryott
    If anyone has difficulties with live server make sure you default browser is set to chrome. I had mine set to firefox for some reason and found out that it was stopping it from auctually opening the live server.
  • Suyash Sharma
    Hey I was learning Web Development from you previous set of videos and I saw these today. Thanks man, I really appreciate the effort and time you took to create these videos. I'm enrolled in college and I took Data Structures and Algorithms and other classes but as my courses do progress, I'm not sure whether they teach us Web Development. :)
  • Amrin Jaffni
    how to have that icon beside "index.html" and the "welcome"? it looks cool
    im on windows
  • Milinko Tankosic
    Best tutorial, short, direct, with necessary tips and explanations. Without unnecessary short talks, "jokes"...Need more, please share
  • Jenny Taylor
    using this series to brush up on my code since ive been out of the loop for so long. barely remember how to do this anymore LOL
  • Design with Hameed
    wow i find my web development guru finally please complete this series
  • Boogie Bomb
    i also think you should teach people how to use wix really really well , this is another channel you can do , wix only , this is smart for you and extremely , extremely helpful to the community my friend . Listen , i'd help out even on that project to be honest because , people in this day need modern skills .
  • Boogie Bomb
    I know this is going to make you a healthy income over time , i am happy though . This is exactly what this era needs and you're the only one doing this i know of . Now i know you specifically mention web development but i mean the concept of teaching useful modern skill sets . I only need wix skills for me and my wife however i am going to stay here and learn to develop for hobby , i am a knowledge seeker who always wanted computer skill sets at a powerful level .
  • Lamerak
    i already use VS2017 for C#, can i use that instead of VS Code?
  • Aselgeia
    Thank you so much for restarting this series. I was also watching your first series and I got lost at episode 4, which was about bootstrap. Please continue on this series
  • [ Kris ]
    Please make a video about your favourite development tools/dev tips/libraries and tools
  • thuriya moore
    is this s good video because i want to build websites and sell them
  • shivanand desai
    is that html, css, js, j query subjects enough to became a front end developer ?
    start to became Freelancer.
  • ayman awwad
    Hi... I have a domain name for sale (shopmeu.com) https://bit.ly/2LoJ6H2. If you interested you can find it on flippa.com.. Start price 500$. you can place your offer. Its good domain name for ecommerce shop.. Thanx
  • Send Nudes
    I love this kind of videos
  • ali shabir
    U can check auto save option in file it will auto save
  • The Dude
    Awesome video!!
  • Razan
    you are so good at teaching man
  • Cristian Fernandez
    May god bless you!!! Thanks for this video!
  • Nawrocki
    Another tutorial starting from the very beginning isn't what we need around here
  • Shane Landy
    Good as always
  • Mauricio Davila
    does it worth it to learn these languages i mean th
  • Wired Roach
    Can I ask something? is Live server extension is an alternative for xampp or wamp? and what are the differences?
  • Samir Ergaibi
    Tried adding a local image but it won't load with live server extension.. How can I fix this?
  • Afrie Irham
    May I ask, what's your opinion with codepen.io, really love using it to practice web dev.

    Currently I'm learning html and css, and just practicing it there.
  • Puli Rambabu
    Can u pls tell me about java
  • Trisha Aguinaldo
    Thank you!! <3
  • Wow, Okay
    it says download git. should i ? what should i do? help please :D
  • Ifaz Ashrafali
    all done. but at last
    it is not live reloading?
  • Axel Werner
    Web devs love free stuff. So these udemy courses are all free too ?
  • Levaneng
    Thank you! Live Server extension now will help me to save time instead of refreshing the browser each time I edit a file
  • GamingWillis
    thanks for sharing!
  • Ankit
    Awesome !!
  • Samuel Pimenta
    Can you do a video about the extensions that you use?
    thanks for helping me
    hello I am big fan I was watching the old tutorial but i guess i should watch this
  • Deon Pieterse
    This tutorial series is exactly on time for my MVC Web application project
  • Анонимуси
    You are doing God's work! Bless you.
  • Rafal Borowski
    Can't get used to it (or Atom).... too hooked on Sublime at this point after all those years....
  • Arjun Anand
    My favorite extension for vs code is auto save. It automatically saves the document for you, which is super helpful.
  • Tasadduq Hussain
    thank u very much
  • Kimchhun Poeng
    What laptop do you suggest for beginner ?
  • soham dharap
  • Lightdarksnake
    Thank you for updating the tutorial Will!