What do programmers actually do?

What do programmers actually do?
I left a physics job to do software engineering. Was it worth it? What do software engineers actually do? Thank you to YouTube for sponsoring this video! http://yt.be/jobsforphysicsgirls

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Software engineers and programmers code everything from virtual reality to artificial intelligence to unique instruments like engineer Ben Bloomberg made for musician Jacob Collier. Are you considering new job or career? Me too.


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San Diego, CA 92169

Creator: Dianna Cowern
Editing: Jabril Ashe
Animations: Kyle Norby and Jabril Ashe

Thanks to Ben Bloomberg and Kyle Kitzmiller!

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  • boneye mgxekwa
    It's only when you fully understand something can you properly explain it, thank you very much, I finally understand
  • Suman Chandra
    Is she sabrina pasterski?
  • devilz user00
    write usb cpu lan audio drivers for LGA1151 moterboards to windows XP(+w7), then you know someting. (not Physics Girl, anyone!)
  • ItsMeMax312
    50% Visual Studio 50% Skidding someones source
  • Ssleppy
    My only thought while watching this: 1:42 AYYY SHE EATS THAT SMART FOOD POPCORN THAT I HAD 2 WEEKS AGO
  • Off/Load
    1.37 Do software engineers sit in a basement?

    I could've asked better questions then those.
  • Guillaume M.
    C++: 60% design 20% fighting with C++ 20% fun coding........ C = 100% fun. That Physics Girl is cute and interesting although she seems a bit self-righteous and pretentious. Hope she's not. I'm currently coding a SCSI Sample dump Linux library to communitate with my hardware audio sampler from the 90s. We all have different projects based on our needs...
  • G4mm4G0bl1n
    A real Physicist doesnt need to write software. A real Physicist is able to make Hardware and this is what makes them superior about programmers and is also the reason why the most "not so good" Physicists work as programmers, because they know the math basics which are necessary for a good programmer.

    Here is something where I working on and its NOT solveable with software, because it hits 2 problems in the same time which arent solved till today!
    Ask your computer or calculator for the solution!
    cos(6×10^995°) = ?
    For copy and paste into the calculator:
    cosd(6*10^995) = ?
    When you think a calcule like this will never be used then you are heavy wrong.
  • Jem Pag
    I never could imagine someone would speak my language. "Programming a puzzle use to hack life"
  • Niels
    physics girl talking about programming while sitting at a keyboard? nice
  • Allan Jason Mburu
    love it ... and you are hella hot
    data structure is boring
  • Sägezahntiger
    I'm coder and musician, so: This (I think midi) keyboard behind you is amazing, what's its name?
  • ted kaczynski
    complete dishonest sell-out. a truthful scientist would confess to $. it's just as well that you're gone if you think the only creative part of your job was coding. should have got a degree from udemy. as another fact-check, consider for a moment how many subscribers you'd have as a homely dude.
  • Subir Majumdar
    What do programmers actually do? - Usually, "have fun", "waste time", "sleep", "eat", "work" . I think the priority of activities is about right...
  • allen alesna
    I have a good friend, he's a software engineer, and he did used to work in the basement was a house converted into an office.
  • Ben Redburn
    Can anyone teach me how to code a game?
  • Shaahid Adams
    Hi. I'm a 16 year old and I'm interested in software engineering. Does anyone have any advice. I'm not sure if I should pursue this as a career.
  • Pierre Deagostini
  • Dustin B
    Very smart young lady, you'll go far in this world!!
  • Misanthrope Man
    Woke coding.
  • houselab
    Nowhere in this video does anyone describe what the process of coding is actually like, or how varying codes might be similar to and different from human language. More info, pleeeeeeeease?
  • Ryan Badass
    I thought there's a teen girl at the thumbnail
  • Daniel Tillmann
    Software Engineering is a broad topic. Under that umbrella is Software Analysis, Software Architecture, Software Development, and Quality Assurance.
  • Meme Boi
    So if I just want a basic office job I could I get by with just self thought c++ and or java?
  • Cam playz
    its hard to play along when ther is captions of the word and they start back to back so quickly
  • Mavericq
    White privilege my a**
  • BeanGreen 247
    I know that my opinion does not matter that much, but let just output this. Console.Writeline("I love to code");
  • Sunny shah
    Programmers just copy what's on stackoverflow or what they find on Google when they are stuck.
    Most of the software is designed and developed by Computer Scientists,
    which most people confuse as programmers.
    A programmer is not necessarily a Computer Scientist,
    but all Computer Scientists are programmers.
    Most programmers just know a language and how to code,
    while Computer Scientists have to know a language,
    and how the Computer itself translates the language down to 1's and 0's,
    how the hardware architecture impacts the speed and performance of a program, or algorithm,
    how CPU and memory interact, Operating system concepts, hard disk and file management, database management systems, data structures, pipe-lining in CPU, how data-paths and control units orchestrate the execution of an instruction, graphics control, how to make better software,
    and how machines actually work. etc.. and a lot more low level details of a Computer.

    While a programmer only has to know how to code, which is pretty easy once you pick up on a language.
  • Active_ indiaN
    +4:48 that reaction got me replaying.😍😂
  • Juancarlos Gomez
    Programming:1% cosing 99% figuring out why it doesnt work
  • Russell Bride
    I remember playing about with n-body problem simulations on my old Apple II coded in BASIC ... Physics and coding go hand in hand. Thanks for that.
  • ProgrammingWithJaidee - Python
    Programmer writes code, machine outputs it in the screen.
    I know because i'm just a Pythonic programmer, still I know all 12 languages
  • StudMuffin
    What to do with a physics degree, hmm?? I know! Make YouTube videos!!
  • Kevin Cao
    She reminds me of kelsey from buzzfeed
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  • Bob Lamb
    Programming is the BEST DRUG EVER! The endorphin rush from completing a program (or even just an algorithm for a subroutine) is intense. It leaves solving the Jumble puzzle in the dust.
  • Calvin Rai
    Hello!! How did you get into iOS development after your physics background? I did my masters in Structural Engineering, but learning MATLAB made me LOVE programming. So that's what I'm pursuing right now with interests in mobile development and augmented reality. I'd love to hear about your journey!
  • gembel monas
  • Cedced_Bro
    These programming jokes like BASICally.... I am crying :/
    But good video over all
  • dj kizilo
    Am in the mood
  • Venkatesh babu
    The day software engineering is developed is like think and create an application without a code written.
  • caleb bradley
    U. c A N T. t A K E. t h A t. h O M E. d I A N A
  • Ismael Hernandez
    I FREAKING LOVE JACOB COLLIER... im a musician (keyboard) and plan on going to go to college as a software engineer... seeing that connection really made me smile
  • amazing_dude
  • Auto Math
    They patronize people who can't code/programme.
  • MacGregor88
    Why so many women? Why single out the smallest demographic and concentrate them into the video? Not very inclusive.
  • Winux Worx
    The misconception has been true before when Dennis Ritchie was busy inventing C++ and Linus Torvalds developing the first Linux Core. It's still true for some people developing their own hobby masterpiece written in ASMBLY and C Language and for some computer scientist passionate to finish their never been tried or perfected masterpiece (like Bill Gates developing his own first operating system) that will soon change the world. However, in a typical company where employees have to collaborate and contribute to an ultimate goal, it all becomes a misconception indeed.
  • Bruce Gonzalez
    dey terk owr jerbs
    Had to put race into it. Put Affirmative action in it to. Kind of disappointing!! The world needs help