What do programmers actually do?

What do programmers actually do?
I left a physics job to do software engineering. Was it worth it? What do software engineers actually do? Thank you to YouTube for sponsoring this video! http://yt.be/jobsforphysicsgirls

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Software engineers and programmers code everything from virtual reality to artificial intelligence to unique instruments like engineer Ben Bloomberg made for musician Jacob Collier. Are you considering new job or career? Me too.


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Creator: Dianna Cowern
Editing: Jabril Ashe
Animations: Kyle Norby and Jabril Ashe

Thanks to Ben Bloomberg and Kyle Kitzmiller!

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    I mean you know the ones I'm talking about. All the attractive female programers make sure RIGHT in the channel name that they're a girl or a blonde as a cheap tactic to get more views. It's quite disgusting.
  • LolixLP
    Cry.... they cry a.... lot.
  • Daniel Juno
    A program or app to keep people off their phones while driving....still waiting

    People are becoming too depended on tech and we as the human race are stalling and declining due to this....make and app/program to help with that!
  • lThellRockl
    You remind me of Simone Giertz... shes so cool and so are you :D
  • Dr. Suess Official
    Physics girl? More like Physics old woman.
  • dumbcreaknuller
    you make programming sound so complex when in reality its as easy as a 5 years old could comprehend. any seemingly complex graphic concept can take easy steps to create but there is tons of difficult ways to do the same that overwork the system that does not do the fastest way plus most people are morons anyway and explains why we need gigabytes of ram and drive space to do stuff that chould easly fit into kilobytes or a few megabytes if a different strategy had been used. having copies of 99 percent the same data in ram with only 1 percent difference is a total waste of space but what so called good programmers do these days, so how much of your code is copies and how much is not?
  • DiNOo Gaming
    me when coding :

    1% code
    50 % browse in stackoverflow for soultion
    49% debuggin
  • DumbledoreMcCracken
    Calling a software developer an engineer is like calling a physicist an engineer, or a mathematician a scientist.
  • Ray Cch
    Every single programmer in this video are female what are they trying to show us? Some feminist propaganda
  • Patrick Dallaire
    OOOOaaaaaah yeah! Dominion! The one and only pure deck builder. Love it.
  • Colton
    Do they use Python for their coding language? I know Google uses mainly Python and that's what I'm in the process of learning currently
  • Networking26
    I do all my code writing in my basement, and that's because my room is there.
    Sometimes i find working alone works best but there have been times where i've collaborated projects with someone else.
    If i'm working alone...stackoverflow is my choice in sites for things i'm stuck on.
    What my experience in coding is like?
    To sum it all up
    if(coding == true){
    setOffHouseAlarm("Coding is being performed, be prepared to evacuate your home as items may get destroyed", 1);
    Overall though, i ❤ programming, always something new to learn, always something to build
  • Clody
    How to make a program that helps increase recycling percentage in cities?
  • F S
    While guest.talking do host.interrupt 😂
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    The puns
  • Stephen Edwards
    I love solving solutions and puzzles. I love coding, watching my creations grow. I love to develop and create something knowing that I created it. I love JavaScript, it's a fantastic and extremely versatile language. It's amazing what this language can do. http://www.stepnageos.com
  • kruzal Ghimire
    You seriously didnt give the real answer
    What do programmers actually do?
  • Jake Bezdicek
    "I bet you can find a program or app to solve that problem" - if only
  • Zishawn Malik
    Oh how I miss the days of BASIC
  • David
    if you want challenges with physics you can do video gaming programming, you will have to emulate all physics and bending physics, light physics etc...
  • Sachith Chathuranga
    I 'm following an IT degree But i feel like i'm not good at that field . But I don't like to quit from that program. But I really like IT field. Can anyone give me an advice ? what is really good for me.......
  • john
    We just keep moving the mouse and playing our fingers on the keyboard. We are useless people.
  • Relaxing Gaming
    can a program solve my procrastination and lack of motivation to do anything beside nothing
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    What do HUMANS actually do?
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    i just stumbled on this bc im learning swift. and god im in love with this channel now xD
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    well i am a programmer and i support this content
    also carrot slice is right too
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    you aren't bad looking at all
  • Lucas Noetzold
    to think that I always dreamed of studying physics, but after some thinking I presumed there is nowhere to work with that and became a programmer... now I'm whatching this... (maybe rethinking my life)
  • Roast
    Well, who coded your smile??
  • Ashay Kolhe
    Did she say "I Degrasse."??? xD
  • whateva thatis
    This literally helps me go through my programming sessions, because I'm not on that"other side" (where you're comofrtable with ITand stuff) yet!
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    4.51 i subcribed
  • Arto Pekkanen
    For me, software development is self-improvement. I did not learn to understand mathematics at school, I only learned it by rote. But after doing small software projects in C and C++ (and some assembler), I have learned to understand math in a new way. For example, how to use hashing algorithms to map values from a larger universe (ie. all 1^64 positive integers) to a small universe (such as indices ranged from 0 to 2048) in a way that the output values are not too clustered, just with a simple multiply-add-shift paradigm. Another thing I've learned, with C++ actually, is how to use functions returning functions to map an output from the main function thru a pipeline back into the main function where all the output is done, while the rest of the program is merely a set of functions that have no side effects. I also dabbled with some assembler to create a micro-threading system for pipelining purposes.
  • Fire Nation Files
    10% coding, 20% debugging, 70% googling
  • Miguel Murillo
    What does gender and race have to do with coding?
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    Assume I don't have a girlfriend! Can any app or program solve it???
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  • Keytron Quabius
    Bootcamps: did you Google it? Did you check the console? Ok here's a question about your question, here's another question about that question? Does this help your question asking skills ? and on and on and on
  • Lazy Cunt²
    i am actually angry for her putting gender and race into the fine art of browsing stackoverflow.com.
  • Peter Nachtwey
    So what does a programmer do? Learn and keep learning. It NEVER ends.
    I am over 65 and have been programming for about 50 years starting with basic in high school. Now I own an industrial controls company. What I look for is passion for endless study and learning, personal projects and the questions the interviewee has about what we do. There is no way kids out of college or even PhDs can match what has been learned competing world wide. Everyone comes short, so I look for passion. Not what they know, but the questions they ask. Understanding the problem is key. Knowing what you don't know is key. On forums I have said "you don't know what you don't know". At 65 I am still learning. The problem is time. It takes so much time to learn. So who has the passion? It is not good enough to be expert at one field. One must be expert at many fields.
  • Warrior_392
    we smash the keyboard wondering why the library won’t load properly or wHy iS tHeRe a bUg iN mY cOdE
  • Anthony Beckham
  • اميرة السلام
    so cool
    but not as goal of life
  • heli pad
    In reality a programmer just coded all the rules to a Evo sim and let it run till it reached a complex program that they can't even explain called the universe bringing with it life.
  • Karlene Douglas
    I absolutely loved this video! I am trying to learn Software Engineering and I’m constantly getting stuck. I have no one to turn to to ask for help. I even get super upset that I can’t afford the better tools (MacBook Pro and Software Engineering classes) to practice what I happen on finding to learn. This video really helped me stay to the reason I want to be a Software Engineer. Thank you! I want to hug all these women in this video.

    I totally love the shuttle dress!!!
  • Brad Smith
    5:24.... aaaand that's where you lost me.