Super Mario Galaxy 2: KAIZO Edition - Episode 6 - Cloud you not?

Super Mario Galaxy 2: KAIZO Edition - Episode 6 - Cloud you not?
Super Mario Galaxy 2: Kaizo Edition (or "Project Kaizo") is a hack created by Super Hackio. It's made up of small level edits which can make levels incredibly hard to beat. Well designed trolls? Maybe not so much, but a hack like this is needed in the world so let's beat it to 100%!

I did it! I beat cloudless a second time! Considerably less frustrating than the first time as I only game over'd once and didn't lose my sanity exiting the course from checkpoints. Pretty proud so I hope you enjoyed watching it. I'd say not to try it yourself but now it's a requirement in the most recent patch so bwahahaha.


Download both the main download and the large bugfix then combine the downloads. Some stuff still doesn't work properly so check back frequently.


SMB3 Athletic (Mario & Sonic): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq9j2IfY61k
Midboss Mayhem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md_O41H_gJs
Library Piano (Qumu): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xokx96yxEws



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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC215ZFD_5eDP875yw6IWQgQ
Discord: https://discord.gg/8QdrH8b

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Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCooPyRlGvv2td_N_rDLKdyA
Spam Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC52ruYX9YfeLOGZO6QSwhUg

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  • MayroSMM
    For anyone new who has been watching through this playlist, I'm sorry to tell you that this series is cancelled. I was going to return to it but the hack creator has requested that I do not. He has also taken down all downloads of this hack. Sorry. Who knows, maybe I will make my own hard hack someday :)
  • Gamer#520 BOSS
    what music is this?
  • The Legend NTEM
    you can reset the coins by talking to the green tip sign
  • Christopher Bouchard
    Wow... this has recently been put in my recommended again. It truly is such a shame that Project Kaizo died, especially in the state it was in, as a "Kaizo" SMG2 hack had the potential in the concept department (in spite of a lackluster execution in the hack.) Really hope someone decides to take the idea of this hack and improve on it in the future XP
  • Fire TBon
    Man, I wish Hackio hasn't taken it down. He probably did it because is too buggy, and needed to fix it; so if that's the case, looking forward to more-
  • Lucas K.
    Is Hackio still creating other hacks?
  • Vernosis
    Please continue this series
  • Gibson Gamer
    Someone who likes puns almost as much as I do? That's OUTTA THIS WORLD...get it..it's Mario Galaxy. . .ok i'll stop.
  • Slim Bankshot
    It's actually pretty cool watching someone play Kaizo Super Mario Galaxy 2 while listening to the Library Piano remix.
  • marcopolomsp
    Mayro is this series over or is Hackio still working on more levels?
  • User Library76
    This music would go pretty good with gd
  • Just a kid with a hat
    Mayro, stop showing off your skills...
    At dying.
  • SuperMario MegaFan
    can't wait for more!
  • DanCraft
    "I'm a speedrunner now" instantly dies
  • iLikeTerrain
    Is there a way you could possibly give me a copy of the kazio project, since it was discontinued? (Are you still going to play it?)
  • Shiven A
    Are you going back the series Super Mario Galaxy 2: KAIZO Edition.
  • Parax342
    I like the weegee mansion dark moon remix.
  • Swingball Fairweight
    Wait for the final update to come out and then play the WHOLE game again if you need to.
  • KrazyGa GT
    I love Super Mario Galaxy, you inspired me to do some mods so thanks :D
  • ArceusOfTheTacos
    Wow, this is tough looking, you have a really good excuse for sucking I mean, you’re really good, this would take me over a day to do! Amazing job Mayro! I uhh... nice failure noises?
  • Alonso's GamingTV
    Does your channel name stand for Mayro Super Mario Maker
  • Donate a sub to punch a baby
    Shoutouts to SimpleFlips
  • LinusAbsolut
    Your title's are bloody good, so. You're worth the title...
  • J Gamer Xone
    15:10 high pitched NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • JakeCool_M&S
    You've done this challenge (it was pretty impressive, there are some really accurate jumps and thousands of clones chasing you don't help) and I still have to do the Cloudless in the normal game. I want to try some SMG2 challenges this summer.
    I don't know what, but there is something very funny in how the Cosmic Clones move when you're going slow. Seems like they're dancing or something like that. XDDD
  • Angey Plays
    Hey mayro koretato told me to view ur vids fantastic #subtomayro
  • warspyking
  • Royal Darking
    I want a Super Mario Galaxy 3
  • Omega 0430
    I think they want you to complete prankster comits to get enough stars.
  • DerpOcelot
  • MarioGamer 312
    good video friend
  • Two Reliable Guys
    Question: How did u get enough $$$$$ To get EVERY single “Mayro” Game and How did u become interested in Mario
  • Windows Codename Minecraft
    Cloudless clones oat...okay, I'll stop.
  • PandaBearTart
    This annoyed me because if you talk with the sign after watching the hint the coins reappear.
  • YellowToad
    This guy's Mario OC is strikingly similar to marionose1's. Maybe their the same person?
  • PandaBearTart
    6:20 stop talking about pineapples! (French)
  • Rmac524
    you should tell the creator to make the guys respawn at the checkpoint :^)
  • Andy Ace
    6:06 "I'm a speedrunner now!"

    Falls and dies
  • Skullknightgames !
    Irrelevant or not, I love the music.
  • Random Drone
    7/10 "not enough cosmic clones"
  • Can we reach 100 million suscribers without videos?
    Apparently more than you, you CLOUD
  • Chucky 257
    15:46 worlds best outro amiright
  • Ethan Gilchrist
    Who is disliking these videos? Why and how did they even end up here???
  • ShackledSkull
    4:30 Live footage of a Mayro summoning ritual
  • Shannon G
    Hey I’m waiting for episode 7 and episode 8
  • Taurmega
    I'm guessing the reason Clones don't appear again after a checkpoint is because the "Clone Spawns Here" flags are at the beginning of the levels, and nowhere else?
  • Mayro is de N00b
    CLOUD you not make these bad puns?

  • Pine Cyborg Dog
    I'm not really sure how corrupted files work but could you save the original video file onto another device then if the computer corrupted the video you'd have a back up on the other device
  • MudkipMonkey
    Hey Mayro, just a suggestion: Could you maybe not use the same music for EVERY montage ever? It gets stale the third time. Try mixing it up a bit!
  • Logan H
    My man Mayro having too much CLOUDT.

    Also that music at 8:04. 👌