Mithai Waala (मिठाई वाला) CBSE Class 7 Hindi Lesson

Mithai Waala (मिठाई वाला) CBSE Class 7 Hindi Lesson
Mithai Waala (मिठाई वाला) CBSE Class 7 Hindi Lesson explained by Sunita Sheoran for SuccessCDs Education Videos . 

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    Bad review I guess
    You are wasting ur time watching this video they read the stories
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    hi sunita didi please issue the Mahabharata videos
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    Plz i m also students of class7 plz this may be request of all other students plz plz
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    Nice videos but can u also make these videos as animated videos like cartoon so that student will have fun to learn from you and your views and likes will increase . In this there is your profit also
    Plz ma'a'm i m requesting plz
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    Sunita mam ur videos are awesome but try to give whole information about chapter like u earlier do in some videos.
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    Hello sunita di I am the student of class 7 in this poem some lines are missing ☺☺☺plz complete the line that are missing
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    V V V good story
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