PHP in 2017 - Rasmus Lerdorf @ WeAreDevelopers Conference 2017

PHP in 2017 - Rasmus Lerdorf @ WeAreDevelopers Conference 2017
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A quick overview of the 20+ year history of PHP and how it has impacted the Web, from the inventor of PHP.


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  • Edin Omeragic
    I want to be able to generate fractals very fast :), that would be fun, thanks.
  • Rich Williams
    does rasmus like wordpress?
  • pizzahut
    and what about php and highload and bug in phpunit. Anybody know?
  • Softfigures Online
    PHP7 can save the world, reduce your carbon foot print now.
  • Raita Sorin
    When i saw this Special Keynote of PHP 7 I've got tears in my Eyes
  • mk shaikh
    is PHP never end.? it will be alive for future..? reply me facts about PHP
  • David K
    You are my god ;)
  • Porrapat Petchdamrongskul
    PHP to THE MOON!

  • Cristhian Kevin Sagun
    He looks like manny pacquiao's coach. Coach freddie roach.
  • Nonchalant 84
    PHP is awesome!
  • Harish Sharma
    such a massive change can be experience by adopting PHP 7. Interesting always good to listen @Rasmus
  • Arun Ab
    People. Please checkout high performance Async IO swoolephp. Swoole.co.uk C extension for php. Faster and higher request than nodejs with multi core and multithreading under the hood.
  • TMJ Academy
    PHP7 syntax is much like C++.
  • Arun Abraham
    3:01 Note the point everyone
  • Dhiraj Patra
    he is very honest on php
  • Darry Kim
    PHP 7.
  • Stephen Njuguna
    Big Ups Sir
  • Julia Lerner
    so will PHP 8 break my PHP 7 code?
  • William Heckman
    Wow... pitching reduction of Global Warming by using PHP..... (rolling eyes)
  • Scott Miller
    Holy crap! This is the dude who created PHP. Why isn't this in info in the description?
  • rinu123
    bugs.php.net is still running on PHP 5.5.16. I know this because they haven't hidden the x-powered-by header.
  • Ricardo Belmont
    So, that means I can learn php in 2018, right?
  • Rm Denger
    Respect from India sir...
    U r great
  • Walter Prorok
    Change the world and upgrade to PHP 7.
  • Faruk Gerçek
    Injekşını en baştan kapayaydın eyiydi.
  • Tiganus Constantin Razvan
    Thank you Rasmus for this video they published here. Nice job done with php 7.
    On the conference you wrong only a small thing:
    that script that's show how many memory you use for creation of that array is buggy.(the result isn't 6 megabytes)
    the correct script is:
    $start= memory_get_usage(true);
    $stop= memory_get_usage(true);
    echo('mem usage:'.($stop-$start));//we abstract the space that vars $start/$stop they fill
    here on xampp,windows 10 ,intel core 6500 U ,i had
    "mem usage:4194304"

    anyway , thanks again for php 7 , the tool that mankind needed!
    I am very disappointed that tv news, newspapers are full of BUNGA - BUNGA and not with related news about someone like you!

    Best regards,
    Tiganus Constantin Razvan
  • Mont'yr
    Well, seriously it was very interesting and I'm gonna move to PHP 7 for sure. But still, wanted to comment that what he's telling about saving planets it's not real. I mean, okay now if I move to PHP 7 I can turn off 75% of my servers right after upgrading it. But since I'll have a more powerful language I will improve my APP and I will need to turn on again these 75% of my servers. That's how the world works, you need less? No worries, you will do more and you will still need more.
    Time ago I was like: WTF??!?! 8GB of memory in my phone? Holy crap, I don't even need 1GB. But now I need 128GB, at least.
  • Mofidul Haque
    php 7 is awesome
  • Hashaam zahid
    Great And Easy Programming languages Every You Have Invent
  • Bin Ury
    TL;DW : 00:00 - 13:18 PHP7 is much faster and resource efficient. Upgrade to it.
    13:18 - - 24:37 PHP7 Language Features: Explicit parameter and return types and "strict mode" to accompany them; Anonymous classes; Short-circuit operator or "Coalesce Operator"; Lots of new reserved keywords beware; many deprecated features are removed; Static code analysis tool to migrate 5->7: Phan
  • Ankit Singh
    Can we install phan in visual code