Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2018 to Get a Job Without a College Degree

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2018 to Get a Job Without a College Degree
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  • tofayel ahmed ###%%%
    C and c++ is the best programming language in the world
  • Diana García
    Lo estoy viendo a final de año, yeih:) :(
  • Bernadsha Bernadsha
    This viedo is degrade the c++ programmers.c++ is using in many countries and I also a c++ student from india.because the c++language is best language to easily understand the basic of programming and coding for any systems of microsoft windows.this did a big revolt in tech world.most of the teachers are use c ++ to teach students in my country.we can see without having many job opportunities without a higher salary c++ is a best language . c++ language brings a new revolution to the technology world.one and onely demerit of C++ language is it's not easy to program any simply application.other wise the c++is better reliable than other programming languages.
  • sanoof
    1 Go lang( if you consider performance)
    2 js( react js ,react native and node js)
    3 f#
    4. Python(AI)
    5. Java | php | Ruby| swift
  • Daniel Bradbury
    java got bought out by Oracle and is being made paid :/
  • Jacob yt
    cringe right off the bat
  • dahom plays
    What should I learn I'm new in the coding thing and also can get paid from it help people
  • M D
    while ( Python !== numberOne && youAreAlive ) {
  • immiruu dirribaa
    import turtle
    for i in range(50):
    for i in range(70):
    for i in range(150):
  • Doing Normal Things
    I think C# is one of the best
  • 王志雄
    how about C++? out of date?
  • Gift Jr
    python..thats what they use even on most if not all linux programs....sweet
  • zsaver
    I did js first. When I got to recursions I though wtf is this voodoo?
  • Tiffany Ashworth
    So I'm a beginner and I still have no clue what to start but your saying I should learn python before javascript
  • asdf asdf
    theres levels to this. knowing how to code doesnt necessarily make you worthy of a high paying job. as with any other skill in life.
  • Harry Chan
    In today's world you cannot know just one language. Sure, like a multi-tool, there is one tool (language) that you should know, but it should be supported by many other useful tools. Knowing just one language albeit fluently will not get you far in the job market. You have to know all the other technologies and supporting languages that make an entire application work. If I were to pay a developer over $115k I would expect the programmer to know not only Python but also depending on the product, Angular, Hadoop, Postgres, RESTful APIs and even Javascript. I would also expect the applicant to know basic computer science topics such as binary trees, hash tables, run time performance (Big O notation) and so forth.
  • Shahid khan
    Sir kindly tell me Java compiler
  • Chris Sparks
    I am a tried and true Ada programmer! Granted I don't do it much today, but I'd prefer the Qt environment using C++. None of those languages will ever go onto a space vehicle or automotive application requiring safety critical aspects to the language.
  • PL Denzel122
    subscribe to this channel link:UCznIDixWNH4kcIGYRq5vUHw
  • Epicurus
    Java is for old people.

    Jokes. But seriously, if you don't know Java, you won't understand a lot of core OOP concepts like inheritance, overriding, reflection etc.
  • Mario Rodriguez
    The reality is that Machine Learning and the Internet of Things is changing everything faster than we thought and will we (it is already being) used almost everywhere, e-commerce, video, photography, car industry, universities, transportation, security, marketing, sales, education, mobile devices, finances, banking, insurance... you name it... Big Data is moving the world and Python is the language better suit for that job, so it is the way to go. It does not mean it is the best language, but having good knowledge of JS (React, Node...) and Python (Django) opens a lot of job possibilities as you can do almost anything with them and are also the two languages many startups are combining to build their projects now as most big companies used them in one way or the other.
  • vetia
    so why the hell I am taking C ++ for now
  • Elvin Fortes
    Man you forget to mention server side js: nodejs
  • MoonLight Blue
    NO! Scratch is #1 !!!
  • Jimmy Bhavsar
    I am an android developer having 5 years of experience. I am thinking to move on java (Spring, Hibernate ) platform. As Java has better future and Multination companies also hire Java developers with good packages. Is it a right move or should I stick to android?
  • preston akidiva
    difficult my foot
    where is PHP bro which is running almost 85% in web apps?
  • Эртогрул Рашид
    The hardest language is Assembler
  • Swapnil Soni
    Lub rekt for js :3
  • Naveen Dhaka
    Not a good advice here if one is looking to have a long term successful software development career.
  • giri priyatama
    where is php?
  • Karsten A
    and C#/MONO is number 40 or what? ...dud... you gonna starve ;)
  • Mike Brooks
    #1 Python. Good. I HAVE A BOOK OF IT
  • Adriano San Martin
    PHP and Javascript are by far the most popular.
  • Brody Walker
    kill your self you gay
  • Carter Peddycoart
    kill your self gay fagot
  • Bruce Vayding
    C&C++ visual basic, Java, AHH YES Don't forget the AI this is the tool to fundamental foundation of any languages.
  • kaushik gaekwad
    Salary in South India is needed not dollars
  • Alessandro Mattiuzzi
    RPGLE AS400
  • Vehanush Hayruni
    https://easyhand.org/ amazing tool for developers working with different IDEs, files and folders at the same time
  • uzefulvideos
    Only interpreted languages here...
    When you want your code to be really fast, you need a compiled language like C++, Rust or Crystal.
  • monali mhetre
    visited your website and watched the first video regarding potential calculator. I have one query as I am pursuing my masters in the USA. and basically international student here in united states. Can I be a python freelancer? will that be considered as a off-campus job? which is not allowed in my university or it will be okay that if I am working for someone because it is related to my field of study and not a non-technical off-campus job? Need help with this. Kindly reply. thanks! @CleverProgremmer
  • Kristmaz808
    He is absolutely right about python
  • Vipul Somaiah
    import turtle
    my_turtle = turtle.forward(90)
    my_turtle = turtle.right(90)
    my_turtle = turtle.forward(90)
    my_turtle = turtle.right(90)
    my_turtle = turtle.forward(90)
    my_turtle = turtle.right(90)
    my_turtle = turtle.forward(90)
  • K Mystry
    A little misleading. Most employers want developers that know several languages and are flexible to learn others...
  • dequan300
    Console.writline("hello world");
  • 16bit Generation
    Hahaha Ruby on rails? Dude, we are not in 2005 anymore :)
  • Yuchang Xu
    Java is No.1 in China