Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2018 to Get a Job Without a College Degree

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2018 to Get a Job Without a College Degree
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  • Sean Frederick
    im planning to study a computer science any advice.. i need advice please
  • Brad McAllister
    Skip to 00:09:09 and pause, there I just saved you over 9 minutes of life wasting whiney accent BS.
  • Lawy Lia
    what language that fb built by ?
  • Omar Mohammed
    Where is the c# language? You can build native IOS & ANDROID apps , also you can build cross platforms app using C# with .NET and more such as web services like web api and also work with SignalR that used for realtime data exchange and more with C# :)
    I like .net developing C#
    I really like the staff, you presented it so well and I'm in for it.
  • Warcy
    This is a real crappy video. The best programming languages are C# and C++ which are flexible and fast. Not these horrible languages that are specialised and full of design flaws
    Bitdegree is the future of online education. it is a cryptocurrency grown platform with potential to surpass Udemy in no time. use my affiliate link to sign up and learn using a modernized and bright platform https://stude.co/64111
  • Avinash Gupta
    In order to work on android studio, what language is a must? Java or Javascript or any other? Thank you.
  • OS MTB
    I disagree with the difficulty of learning swift language, this language is one of the fastest and easiest modern languages to learn , in my opinion if you want to be a mobile platform developer you need to focus on 3 languages ( 1- swift for iOS plus this lang will going to be multi platform some times in the future 2- Kotlin for Android and this lang will going to be multi platform soon 3- modern JavaScript)
  • Chaker 7
    Programming Language is just a tool ...
  • Faisal Ikwal
    Swift is not difficult to learn... it's like python...
  • Carlos Scarpantonio
    Facebook use php
  • rohit jain
    It was quite inspiring. Thanks a lot for taking out ur time and preparing this series for students like us who want to built there life with coding that will earn for them.
    Eagerly waiting for your next video.
  • andrian susilo
    thanks for info
  • jothi jothi
  • Abhay khemnar
    What about c and c++
  • Ali Farmani
    For Me --->
    1 - PHP ❤ CodeIgniter
    2 - JAVASCRIPT ❤ React
    3 - Python
  • Swapneil Basutkar
    Is full stack development(MEAN) still a good career?
  • Krishnendu
    Why ruby ?
  • Naima dz
    The music is so noisy. Please .think about people who have a difficult with English . But we like to learn from you. Sorry for my poor English. Thanks
  • Abdul Sameem
    How can you list out this with out including C#...I think you are recomend python becouse of you are a Python developer. Please try to understand what is C# and its benefits...I'm sure C# always comes in top 3 programming languages
  • Dinesh kumar
    I complete degree i don't learn any programming languages,but which course I will choose
  • Akash Chowdhury
    I have seen your videos on YouTube and they are quite good. I would like you to get connected to our site EduBow, where you can explore your skills and share your idea with students and help them with their projects, homework and assignments. Looking forward to your response
  • AshXCODE 101
    Im currently learning JavaScript at the age of 12 =D
  • tmitchable
    how come you did not mention the language of SQL code, most of the company they working on SQL? is Python relate with SQL at all? thanks
  • Mat
    Very good accent for Indian/muslim person.
  • berhanu tesfaye
    am from Ethiopian am interested a programmer thank you
  • Diogo Braga
    i absolute disagree. Java is the One!
  • Arif Setyo Aji
    how about react native? build 1 code for both android and iOS .-.
  • YaFilmBoi
    I have the same code except I can't see the square on the screen?
  • Informed Optimist
    I don't like Python. Am I a bad person?
  • Nayana Hettiarachchi
    Java portability is sending the wrong message, maybe clarify your definition of portability
  • Rohit Desai
    Java is at first position according to me.....Ruby 🤣🤣is still alive....
  • Ibby M
    you look like a freshie but your not. Fix up bruv.
  • Tyler Lemke
    Anyone looking for their first dev job? I spent 10 months looking and I am starting to share what I learned. I would love to know what questions you have. https://youtu.be/-0BLZ4qDiX4
  • Kresimir Ivkovic
    Im master in C#. Pay for this job in Croatia is about 650$ per mounth. I need learn more just like Phyton, but where found better pay job for me ?
  • TrueMansWorld
    Good except Ruby is kinda ehh
  • Mohamed Akrarai
    For embedded software engineering C/C++ is the king of programming.
  • Hands Solo
    JavaScript is confusing but after learning to use both java and c# - it's not too bad - I learned Java first - then C# then Java script , havent tried python yet
  • Iron Fist
    This guy doesn't know what he is talking about.
  • Peter Hùng Lê
    my company pay higher for React JS
  • Lekhav Lekhav
    I have a basic knowledge in c n c++ to be frank pretty basic because no staff here in my college arent relating them with realtime scenarios which I am curious abt n that really destroys my interest.. But for now I have learned html n css n new to JavaScript... Should I go with webdev or programming languages..???
  • Kajal Sachan