Best Android Studio: How to Connect Android with PHP, MySQL

Best Android Studio: How to Connect Android with PHP, MySQL
Best Android Studio: Tutorial on How to Connect Android with PHP, MySQL (PhpMyAdmin) XAMPP. Recommended to Read this post to understand more about my library: 

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To connect Android with MySQL Database, you cannot do it directly. You need a Web service as a medium. In this case, we can use PHP because in PHP you can have a single of code that easily converts database data into the JSON format. You can convert it to XML as well, but many prefers JSON due to its size and performance. 

Download the lib at https://github.com/kosalgeek/generic_asynctask

Android recently changed its IDE from Eclipse-based Android Development Toolkit (ADT) to IntelliJ IDEA-based Android Studio. The big reason for that is Gradle. Gradle is a modern open source build automation system. It works better in many ways than Ant, which is used by Eclipse-based Android IDE. The change also affects some old APIs to deprecate.

In this tutorial "How to Connect Android with PHP, MySQL", l uses the new IDE, Android Studio along with the new APIs. Moreover, I created my own library that simplified the way of how to connect Android with PHP and MySQL. Before this, you had to have a private class extends AsyncTask class all the time in order to connect to the Web. The AsyncTask class works as background thread. Since Android 3.0 API 11 (Honeycombs), you are allowed to use the main thread to do a long process, such as connecting to Web. I named the lib as GenAsync.jar (Generic AsyncTask) and you can download it at https://github.com/kosalgeek/generic_asynctask. My lib hides all the complexity and all you have to do to instantiate the PostResponseAsyncTask class and pass a POST data as a second argument of the constructor. You call the execute() method and provide the URL that you want to pass the data to. Finally, you can receive the data by processFinish() method. This course guides how to create a database and a table in MySQL and create PHP pages.

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    how can I access received sms and transfer them to the database with your method
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    Sir I have problem log in for android its Log in Failed!

    This is the problem can you Help me plss..

    W/art: Before Android 4.1, method int android.support.v7.widget.DropDownListView.lookForSelectablePosition(int, boolean) would have incorrectly overridden the package-private method in android.widget.ListView
    I/Choreographer: Skipped 117 frames! The application may be doing too much work on its main thread.
    D/EGL_emulation: eglMakeCurrent: 0xa4477280: ver 2 0
    D/EGL_emulation: eglMakeCurrent: 0xa4477280: ver 2 0
    I/Choreographer: Skipped 65 frames! The application may be doing too much work on its main thread.
    D/EGL_emulation: eglMakeCurrent: 0xa4477280: ver 2 0
    D/EGL_emulation: eglMakeCurrent: 0xa4477280: ver 2 0
    D/EGL_emulation: eglMakeCurrent: 0xa4477280: ver 2 0
    D/PostResponseAsyncTask: IOException Error: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: failed to connect to / (port 80) after 15000ms
    D/EGL_emulation: eglMakeCurrent: 0xa4477280: ver 2 0
    D/EGL_emulation: eglMakeCurrent: 0xa4477280: ver 2 0
    D/EGL_emulation: eglMakeCurrent: 0xa4477280: ver 2 0
    D/EGL_emulation: eglMakeCurrent: 0xa4477280: ver 2 0
    D/EGL_emulation: eglMakeCurrent: 0xa4477280: ver 2 0
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    sir when sending post data to my local server then the result in processFinish is empty.....help me
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    Can we use the same code if we want to test in on a real android device and not on emulator
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    GOOD TUTORIAL.. i want connect android with oracle database. how can i do.. can u plz help me ....
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    error in line no 12 solve pleash
  • Jennifer Flynn
    When I create an instance of PostResponseAsyncTask it says it is deprecated . PostResponseAsyncTask task = new PostResponseAsyncTask(this); is what i typed. Error is: it is deprecated. Can someone tell me how to fix this please
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    how can i get your source code ?
  • patel vaibhavee
    Sir apne xmap me htdocs use kya vese ham wampserver me kya use kre ne ge?
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    hello, I'm having problem with php error, isset, could you help me?
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ISSET, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or '$' in
  • Adenilson Silva
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    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ISSET, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or '$' in
  • Anurag Singh
    sir i am facing with a problem when i run my login.php it,s show a error "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in C:\xampp\htdocs\client\login.php on line 36"
    and my code is this
    if( isset($_POST['txtUsername']) && isset($_POST['txtPassword']) ) {
    $username = $_POST['txtUsername'];
    $password = $_POST['txtPassword'];

    $query = "SELECT username, password FROM tbl_client ".
    " WHERE username = '$username' AND password = '$password'";

    $result = mysqli_query($conn, $query);

    if($result->num_rows > 0){
    if(isset($_POST['mobile']) && $_POST['mobile'] == "android"){
    echo "success";

    echo "Login Failed <br/>";


    <h1>Login Example|<a href=”http://www.google.com”>Anurag</a></h1>
    <form action="<?PHP $_PHP_SELF ?>" method="post">
    Username <input type="text" name="txtUsername" value="" /><br/>
    Password <input type="password" name="txtPassword" value="" /><br/>
    <input type="submit" name="btnSubmit" value="Login"/>
  • Umer farooq
    That was really helpful but i can't manage to configure out your php script, it dos't event work on web for test, 2nd is i only get the a little long toast not any rough php/html data.
    what i'm supposed to do to get rid of this.
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    Thank you so much. I really got your php db connection helpful. Can I get video for signup.
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    just the form that i created for php :( can anyone help me please
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    when i try to enter parameters inside PostResponseAsyncTask()
    it strikes the PostResponseAsyncTask() and says it has been deprecated.
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    i want to implement website login registration in Android app?? how i do that one database for web and mobile
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    Hi, I need help about the GenAsync library.. when I type PostResponseAsyncTask task = new PostResponseAsyncTask(this); <--- it says that the new "PostResponseAsyncTask" is deprecated.. I don't know what to do next... I need help
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    hi sir Thanks a lot ..............its very easy to understand ....im trying from 25days but I didn't ....today I got the result thanks a lot
    PostResponseAsyncTask task = new PostResponseAsyncTask(this,postData);

    postData is came in red again sir! what to do now???

    i selected the red bulb and implemented, the error was gone , but after running the app, and after giving username and password after clicking login , it says unfortunately stopped
    i used http://localhost/client/login.php to run the app in my android mobile phn..
    please help sir....
    PostResponseAsyncTask task = new PostResponseAsyncTask(this);

    while touching "this" im getting yellow light, but not red light! please help me sir..!!!
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    ohh great!!! i was trying to do this since last one month...sir u are great :) (Y)
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    cause my coding (login.php) is error ... preview is japanase or chinnese languange ..

    but if i just take html coding .. its normal (work)

    please give the solution
  • kuldeep negi
    please can u tell me how to access a specific function of web api inside my android program?

    then it should fetch the data for me according to api.

    how can i use it un my program?
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    Hello sir thanx for great tutorial . and i connect to database successfully but the problem is that when i access data base from outside network (other wifi) then it cannot be accessed please help me??
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    is the application connected or no if no what is the solution !??
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