Steve Maraspin - Meet a parallel, asynchronous PHP world

Steve Maraspin - Meet a parallel, asynchronous PHP world
We all know how good horizontal scaling is. We also know that PHP is born single threaded, and therefore it's not the best available tool for heavy processing or intensive batch jobs. In this talk we'll see how to get through these shortcomings, achieving parallel processing through native solutions such as Process control functions and POSIX functions, but also exploiting more recent techniques such as message queues and nonblocking I/O. We'll cover a wide range of examples from real world applications, and dealing with tools such as Gearman, Redis, RabbitMQ and ReactPHP. For more information visit https://joind.in/talk/view/15873

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  • Best Beats
    ansynchronus is the only minus in php ..
  • Davit Aghayan
    Thank you Steve Maraspin for lecture && video. I'm very grateful to you because I can show this video to my friends who think JavaScript has or does parallel, asynchronous requests and PHP doesn't. I believe we have enough good PHP frameworks, but our community doesn't have enough professionals like you and other Zend Certified engineers and the result of that we got bullshit like NodeJS in the market and it getting more and more popular day by day. it's very sad...