RabbitMQ in 5 Minutes

RabbitMQ in 5 Minutes
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  • Mohammed Hewedy
    Perfect 5 minutest review for rabbitmq and amqp
  • abhishek saxena
    wow, never saw such worthful 5 minutes ever. Up to the point.
  • dmc2server
    one quick question, is the "producer" thing is also a rabbitmq service from a different server? or an application that sends message to rabbit? and does the consumer an application too? or it's the rabbit push the messages to a consumer?
  • dmc2server
    Very easy to understand! Thank you Sir!
  • Alex McLarty
    Brief but enlightening! Thank you.
  • Manikandan Moorthy
    Great summary
  • Paul Kilcoyne
    Nice video.

    Can you tell me which is simpler to implement RabbitMQ or MQTT?
  • Abhishek Kale
    big thanks for this and great efforts :)
  • Row S
    Excellent, Thank you.
  • Pradeep Sappa
    Thank a lot for this explanation, looking forward for rest of the videos;
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    Great tutorial. thank you.
  • galgan90
    very good and simple explanation
  • Abhishek T
    Well explained in short time. Thank you
  • Sakar SR
    Simple to the point explanation, let this going... Good health
  • Preston Rakobe
    Hi Bernhard...I want to take that course, but I need to know something first. Does it talk about sms messaging or a different kind of messaging.
  • Antoine
    great video
  • David Orr
    Really well done!!
  • Mohammed Alshaboti
    I got the idea. Your message has been delivered :).
  • Jordan Hunt
    thanks B, concise

    +1 !
  • Gman M
    To the point and such simple narration. Great job!
  • Victory Chang
    Thanks for providing such a clear demonstration.
  • 111000dj
    Hats off
  • Vibhatha Abeykoon
    Thank you so much for the clear explanation.
  • Dragos Rachieru
    Thanks, really helped
  • Vikash Choudhary
    Simply awesome!! Such a nice, simple and clear summary on RabbitMQ. Happy Learning !!
  • Infa tum
    Thank you, very clear explanation! Cheers👍
  • boroda
    thanks a lot for your simple and usefull explanation. I want more videos about rabbit, maybe some tutorial 'Hello world')))
  • simohamed AbouAdam
    Thanks is very helpful short but important
  • Christopher R
    how do you create the event that the webhook will send?
  • Alongkot Prakobkit
    great video. however, not sure if explanation about topic is correct. I think `red.*` is for binding side. it'll accept `red.green` and `red.<anything>`.
  • abhishek kushwaha
    its v helpful but told next video for coding i need that video thanks
  • Akhilesh Joshi
    You just explain RabbitMQ concept in a simple way. Waiting for your next video.
  • Tay Kratzer
    Great job. Very helpful introductory video.
  • Chris Lam
    I don't usually give a thumb up, but I have to for this one. Nicely done Bernhard, thanks!
  • Paulo Chaves
    Thanks man for your great explanation!
  • Ajith Venugopal
    informative.. compact and very very useful...
  • Ahmer Khan
    This was great; Much different from other explanations done by folks who dwell more on jargon and fluff to make themselves sound intelligent.
  • Misha Kolpakov
    Greatest explaination i`ve ever seen thanks much
  • Raymond
    the best RabbitMQ explanation
  • Andrew Lank
    Great video, well explained, can't wait for part 2 !!!
  • Atul Dislay
    Excellent explanation waiting for the next videos.
  • Jan-Philipp Heinrich
    very informative video, especially the graphs helped me understand messaging. Thanks
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    Very nice. Too the point. I went through the official tutorial first (6 chapters) then saw your video. Everything became crystal clear.
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    Excellent.Crystal clear.
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  • Bernhard Wenzel Training
    Thanks a lot everyone for those nice comments. I'm happy you find my videos useful, I'm going to add more of those, so stay tuned.
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    Thanks a lot, this was very helpful and easy to understand
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    Great job, really simple and got straight to the point. You are doing a good job, half of the people that like your video end up subscribing. You should be really proud of yourself. Congrats and we hope to see more of these in the near future.
  • 'Mualle Mats'ela
    I like the simplicity of your summary.
  • Rahman Mahmoodi
    Great summary of the RabbitMQ!