PHP to mobile app in 10 minutes ... in front of your eyes

PHP to mobile app in 10 minutes ... in front of your eyes
Zend senior director of product management Kent Mitchell creates a cloud-enabled

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  • SimpleLearning Academy
    Really great video Sir
    I installed zend studio 13.6.0 but could not find any menu option such as Cloud Connected Mobile...kindly help how can i get it?
  • Tv S
    I get it. Thanks.
  • BelligerentTruth
    Why are you focused on the guy sitting there and not the screen? You can't hear him as well and we dont need to see his face!
  • Grafis
    Great video.
  • anoop manjunath
    downloaded it, I couldn't find any thing about the cloud connected mobile project which was created in this video
  • anoop manjunath
    Can you create login session, or validate all those forms you created?
  • Kojow7
    Never video someone typing in their password!
  • Roy Littrell
    10 minutes ... in front of your eyes....really??

    I didn't even make it past 3 minutes before clicking the thumbs down button and then next.
  • Sithembiso Mkhize
    any link to the code?
  • Lil Taco
    Can't create it because I CAN'T SEE IT LIKE THIS
  • Geeky Space
    Yeah, this video doesn't show him doing any of the code required to actually create an app... he had everything ready to go, all he did was do the final compiling... clickbait
  • John Mahugu
    wow! fantastic
  • All Reviews on YT
    #Michael Hein Dude, set the camera on a tripod and Step Away! @ashish maikhuri
  • Harilal MN
    Horrible Camera...!!
  • Newman Fertig
    Dude, set the camera on a tripod and Step Away!
  • firma Alle
    This is not like that ,
  • Dan Njoroge
    this title is cracking me ...
  • z1m7x2n6
    Stupid Google and Java sucks on Android
  • Ashish Maikhuri
    sir how create php project exe file
  • Zelesh Tashlan
  • Nicolas Malvasio
    Hi, Can I use these tools with apache or I need Zend server? Thank you
  • V. Peters
    that's nice, but what are you using?
    zend studio and there in is a plugin or so?
  • stan homer
    ten kameraman je nafetovany
  • trstn pr
    truly astonishing
  • jimbogusky
    Seriously? A video camera to record coding?  Is it 1990 again?

    Great tutorial, but it needs to be displayed on YouTube with any one of a bazillion screen show software programs.
  • Emilio Ardila
    you suck recording....
  • ovy ovy
    after 6 minute .... getting dizzy. to much camera movment
  • Moinul Alam
    yah like his password. LOL jk.
  • dinesh sharma
    Thank you very much for this important information....
  • Michael Hein
    I'm very keen on MVC app development and love the eclipse IDE. I am seriously considering moving onto Zend Studio for PHP development.... thanks for this video which shows the potential in a nutshell...
  • vrapceam
    Very informative video. Thank you!
  • Andy Lam
    Precisely on the irritating camera man, stop shifting the stupid cam AROUND! Making me giddy...zzz
  • Hiram Romero
    This so cool!
    thanks..i want to ask about th php part!!...did he created or after creating the servers it has been created automatically i mean the php....!!! i prefer codes better
  • OfficialInfiniter
    so amazing, but I preffer pure code xD
  • aaditya kadka
    nice glasses man:-)
  • Jeff Lewis
    Wait, what is this being developed in/on?
  • Kate Podorvanova
    Thanks for sharing the great news!
  • Michael M
    WOW! Amazing glasses! @ 11:55!
  • LMediaTV
    that was not the best camera man in the world...
  • John Koetsier
    :-) some of it is just chatting ... I'm talking about the actual coding.
  • serhat oden
    Now php :1 - Eclipse:1
  • PPeelen
    Interesting. On a side note... don't film someone typing their password!
  • Iyad Horani
    Very interesting video, but someone needs to slap the guy behind the camera, get some lessons on how to handle a camera dude!!!!