Example Web App - JQuery Mobile and PHP - Shopping List

Example Web App - JQuery Mobile and PHP - Shopping List
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  • Jim Neitzel
    Gah, I miss Publix.
  • Ziyad Abualrob
    Nice idea thank you kris. Could anyone tell me how to get a good tutorial to build my first mobile app? Is the native source of this app available for download? Thanks
  • Guru Reviews
  • Syed Khuddus
  • Sleepee11
    freakin awesome!
  • DasCrushinator
    Any plans to release this?
  • JBeja M
    You will host it in github?
  • JBeja M
    Are you web developer or something?
  • gotbletu
    Cool, i, digg, it, =D
  • Kris Occhipinti
    I've thought about using an "onchange" setting for the text box to submit the list. Which would work Great if I was always using voice to text. But, if I decide to type the list, each time I press a key it would add that character to the list. Also, I like to proof read the list before submitting. But, I am always open to ideas.
  • Rob Middleton
    Ooh I wonder if the Andriod browser fires an event (keyup?) immediately after a word is spoken, you could add items as you say them.
  • Rob Middleton
    Are you polling the server for updates without reloading the page? You should check out node.js and socket.io for really fast live updates too.