Suswani Mata Story

Suswani Mata Story
This vedio is original story of suswani mata.

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Mahishasur was an asura, who pleases lord brahma by his great penance and austerities nd get a boon dat his death can be caused only by a woman and not by any others . so , due to dis boon , he

Devi Chamunda

Maa Parvati's Shakti form takes avatar of Maa Chamunda to kill the demon brothers Chand and Mund. Meanwhile, her daughter Maa Kaushiki also appears to view the battle fought between her mother and


  • Arvind Dugar
    A verry nice story
  • Anita Surana
    Jai maa sushwaani
  • KantilAl surAna KAntilal surana
    Jay maa suswani
  • Aanand Surana
    nice video
  • Ritu Jain
    nice story 😁😁😁
  • Shanthi Jain
    jai susavani maa