7. Web Intersect Forum Tutorial : JQuery Ajax PHP MySQL Thread and Reply Form

7. Web Intersect Forum Tutorial : JQuery Ajax PHP MySQL Thread and Reply Form
Source Code: http://webintersect.com/source_files.php
Learn how to build custom forums using PHP and MySQL. Forums that are lightweight and integrated right into your custom website. In this part 7 we create the page where the threads are viewed and can be replied to by other members.

The End

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  • Peter M. Souza Jr.
    i watched this series in an effort to create a user options page for my social network users, which was a feature that was excluded from WI2, eh hem -elbow - 
  • segun oyebode
    Please I need a help on forum room tutorial source code on webintersect ,is no longer on the site and I am new here I wasn't there 2011 when Mr Adam Khuory did it , please someone should help me.
  • segun oyebode
    Sir please help me with the source code is no longer on your website sir
  • * اخبار و معلومات *
    wher is the code
  • Rijin Mk
    can you please add the rest of the web intersect tutorial to this playlist thanks..... :)
  • Ben watson
    Thank you so much!
  • Tenzin Samten
    where can i get the source code for all tutorial..
    i love your style^^
  • xFusionzAJx
    Can you do the privacy settings, only friends can view profiles and if you can notifications. You're doing an amazing job! Keep that up.
  • Alexander Ross
    You sounds so angry
  • farley5.0
    hey adam, This is not a big deal for me but i think it might be a bug that i would like you to look into. When i do the configure.php and setup the website, then i create the super admin account, the account does not work. What do i need to do? Is it a bug? What?
  • Limited
    Fantastic video, my only comments - If the 'check database to make sure its a valid user' returns false, wouldn't it be best to then CLEAR the session?
  • DaMannnn20
    You are the most useful man on youtube Adam. Thanks for another great tutorial!
  • Landon Hill
  • Tim Panajott
    i can´t get the values of my form, you now why? i have the textfield set with and id of "tt" and the javascript is set to: var ttp = $('tt'); alert(ttp()); Why doesn´t it work? ;(
  • Eric Smith
    Adam, Thank you so much for another great tutorial series, I learn something new from you every time I watch your vids. I can't wait to see what your next series will be. Eric
  • Adam Khoury
    @SGPcommunity - No sweat fellow Web Intersect member. Thanks for being part of it and taking interest.
  • SGPcommunity
    Hi Adam it's GlennBrann im a member of webintersect i was in the video i would just like to say thanks :)
  • Denzyl Dick