Kikapp - Mobile App Development with PHP

Kikapp - Mobile App Development with PHP
KikApp is a framework that allows the creation of mobile applications on platforms Including Android & iOS. Learn more and join the KikApp community https://www.kikapptools.com/

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  • Lisnic Vitalie
    error: Path to Android SDK is not correct, please check the file ...
    I changed this path, but no results
  • dancun chiriga
    I am however getting errors with these classes / types: SDPanel, Grid etc.... "cannot be resolved using eclipse ide...
    howdoes one resolve this?
  • Carlos Sousa
    Hello, how can I develop for Android and IOs plataforms just with one code? The Wiki page just shows Android SDK installation.
  • woka theodorik
    are you sure about this?, i just start to download but i dont know how to use this app can you help me to tell how i can use kikapp to make some fuckin application.. i very interisting to learn this.. Thanks