Shortwave tutorial 11 mhz explained

Shortwave tutorial 11 mhz explained
Tutorial video on the 11 mhz segment of Shortwave

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  • IAM 11
  • Stephen Marques
    These videos are great. Thanks for all your effort.
  • OfficialSWLchannel
    Just the 8500 and an outdoor antenna ... northing else used .... in winter AIR is often very easy to catch here in Montreal. 73
  • Michael Salmons
    nice reception of AIR there. Do you use a preselector or does that magic happen in the R-8500?
  • Kowalski K
    I hear people have great results with magnetic loop antennas. Probably the best alternative to a wire. A vertical wide band antenna will probably be ok. However, a "real" VHF antenna will most likely don't give you much results at all. A random lenght of wire in a vertical plastic tube will probably be better. I tried my Diamond 2m/70cm antenna on HF. It's a great antenna for it's intended bands, but it is totally deaf on HF. Two paper clips gave me more signals! (no joke)
  • OfficialSWLchannel
    Hi, thanks for the comments ... all videos are complete...so they should all be here in 24 hrs maximum ... as for the antenna .... it probably is better than having no outdoor antenna at all .... but the lower you get on frequency... the longer the wavelength... so usually the longer the antenna ... you will probably notice... reduced reception as you get lower and lower in frequency .... keep in mind that ... just 20 feet wire can do wonders on shortwave...