New features in PHP 7: a quick overview

New features in PHP 7: a quick overview
PHP 7 has finally been released. It's a mile stone release that offers a lot of new features such as:

* Scalar type hints
* Return type declarations
* Anonymous classes
* The Closure::call() method
* Generator delegation
* Generator return expressions
* The null coalesce operator
* The space ship operator
* Throwables
* Level support for the dirname() function
* The Integer division function
* Uniform variable syntax
* And much ... much more.

Please go to http://php.net/manual/en/migration70.new-features.php to see the full list.

Have a look at my blog post about the PHP 7 release: https://blog.feryn.eu/php-7-is-now-available-new-features-improvements/. It contains the code from the video.

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  • Dagg M.
    Faster engine is good, but other changes are totally unnecessary. it's another way of doing same thing. Stop making unnecessary changes that complicate programmer's life. Learn from masters. C for example is still the king yet it uses same rules as 30 years ago.
  • santosh adhikari
    i dont want to see ur face again
  • MyCloudVIP
    Thanks for your help. It is greatly appreciated. Is there a tool online to update my PHP code from 5.6 to 7.2? My main issues are not that many, specifically handling MySQL database calls. I hear there are two ways now to make a request to call up a table and so on... Do you think that you can help me find more info on that topic?
  • Jake paul from Walmart
  • Jean Deux
    Wouldn't it be great of you could copy and paste text from a video? That would be true VR ;)
  • morphman86
    I think you should rename this to "SOME new features", as the list is far from complete.
    Also, one could argue that deprecated and removed features should be in the list as well, such as the removed mysql syntax and the deprecated optional SEED value from password_hash.
  • EugeneTest Manager
    oh, cool... immediately-invoked function expression (or IIFE, pronounced "iffy") in PHP... I love the way you are thinking.
  • EugeneTest Manager
    OMG. Thank you for your work, the theme is interesting and you gathered interesting aspects, but you sound boring, too monotone and occasionally fading away. You better show your self when talking, it is entertaining. And don't stare in the camera as if you want to jump out from the screen. I understand, you are learning and battling your natural shyness, it is good for the first try, but see this guy https://youtu.be/Bks59AaHe1c?t=288
  • EugeneTest Manager
    have a look at psr-2
  • EugeneTest Manager
    Step back from the camera, please.
  • Kote Kutalia
    8:28 "Go to PHP, .NET", C# developers triggered.
  • SPeed_FANat1c
    why some things are needed. lIke why is anonimous class needed? why is closure::call() needed in real life? I had never missed such things in php.
  • Programster
    3:04 - I would hate to write/maintain code like this. Hopefully I will never have to, but good to know about the new feature.
  • neo
    this is really great. font is big and visible , no much talk so I dont get bored, no black background so I dont have to increase monitor brightness and hurt my eyes .... thanks alot Thijs Feryn
  • girish sharma
    wow thanks for this video
  • Alain D'Ettorre
    You definetely look like Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers!
  • Reivan
    this guy looks like a sex offender
  • Flankymanga
    what are anonymous classes good for?
  • Zsolt Oroszlány
    Really liked the video! Thanks! I have a question about going foward to the future with PHP 7. I've also seen that some webhosting companies started offer PHP 7 support, it is important because I would start a project from scratch, rewriting old PHP 5.6+ code to PHP 7. Do you think that starting a web project at this time based on PHP 7 is ... well .... smart thing? Thank you in advance.
  • Bangali Dioubate
    node.js or php ?
  • Oleg Abrazhaev
    Please record video about php 7.1 :)
  • clay tyler
    +Ashley Wilson +Thijs Feryn As Ashley said, the presentation was much too quick for study.
    Also, some of the v7 features, when looked at through OO eyes, are pretty ugly.
    Glad tho' that PHP is so flexible & that v7 is so much faster
  • Nguai al
    Thanks for awesome examples. Those examples make understanding more fun.
  • Jrk kiran
    Thanks, Really help full for next generation applications.
  • bujashaka
    with new features i can see php is going towards how you program in c style.
  • Miroslav Trninić
    Thanks, very helpful video.
  • Ashley Wilson
    Good for people who already know all these and want to nod along, but for someone new to PHP7, it's ready hard to follow as you skim over the features one by one... I had to go back again and again and try to guess what is actually happening... really frustrating, actually.
  • Frozen By The Sun
    One, chu and tree
  • Flankymanga
    With the scalar types it was about damn time....
  • Roger Keulen
  • Freedom Fighter
    Awesome, short and helpful.
    Would be nice if you ale video about php version (5.5 - 5.6) differences etc.
  • Attila Jakab
    Thanks for the overview.