Android PHP MySQL : Save - HTTP POST Request

Android PHP MySQL : Save - HTTP POST Request
SOURCE CODE REFERENCE : http://camposha.info/source/android-php-mysql-save-http-post-source/

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Am desperately trying to produce shorter videos,no more than 15 minutes.To condense the content I was previously doing in 50 minutes,like this video to 15 minutes.That's tricky because those videos were long but we were leaving no stone unturned.From creating a project to running,in realtime.The danger is that condensing a video too much can compromise the content quality.But am sure I won't interfere  with quality.Instead I'll cut off tying in realtime in my future tutorials but more explain more.
I think thats better,then we also have our website now and we can simply post all the source code over there.In fact with more explanations there.
Today we make a HTTP Post rquest using HttpUrlConnection to PHP MySQL.We save data to MySQL from editetxts

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