Lab Rats Before and After 2018 (Then and Now)

Lab Rats Before and After 2018 (Then and Now)
Lab Rats Before and After 2018 Lab Rats Then and Now 2018 Disney XD Channel TV Show with Spencer Boldman as Adam
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🎶 Song Info 🎶:
Cartoon - Why We Lose (feat. Coleman Trapp) [NCS Release]

Cartoon - On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) [NCS Release]

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    I love Adam he is mine
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    Chase and bree GOT arrested before
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    Isnt William brent Billy Unger
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    the actoe of chase not is he
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    1:44 david beckham😂
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    wtf wtf wtf tasha IS WITH MARCUSS!?!?!?!?
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    Rip I miss the shiw
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    Hey guys I am on Disney Channel and working on a new Disney Channel show but I miss Lab Rats so much and I am going to become a Disney Channel Star 🌟
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    This was a really good viedo
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    eu gostei mas é do Adan e da Brre
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    adam is cute
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    This is one of my favorite TV Shows
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  • Lizzie Green
    Does Leo/Tyrell ever opens his eyes??
  • Josh Jiggles
    Damn leo got a growth spurt
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    Love lab rats Adam was my
  • Underswap Chara
    Can they do a meet up?
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    Чейз не такой я его видела !!
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    A Great Song!
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    I miss Lab Rats
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    y'all was so young on then before part
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    This was my show, miss it damn
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    Eddie tho 300 likes?
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    Chase you look hot
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    eu amei
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    Chase and Leo are different people
  • Aparna Bhattacharjee
    William brent did not play as chase
  • Leo Garcia
    Damn leo you are reck with that and chase
  • victor win
    Marcus is so cute and handsome..I miss that show
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    Chase looks like Jonny Depp
  • Emorie Barber
    Honesty they ALL have grown a lot😂😢😍
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    i miss uolss
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    chase looks like bucky from captain America:the winter solider
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