2. Android PHP MySQL Tutorial | PHP Database Connection

2. Android PHP MySQL Tutorial | PHP Database Connection
Here is a Complete Step by Step Android PHP MySQL Tutorial. This tutorial will cover all the basics of connecting Android Application to MySQL Database. 

This is the part one and here we are creating the php scripts that will be used to connect with the database. 

Go to the next video from this link 

And you can get the source code from these links 

Server Side Project: https://adf.ly/1iIIsV
Android Studio Project: https://adf.ly/1iIJFW

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  • Simplified Coding
    Here is an updated tutorial using Retrofit and SLIM Micro PHP Framework

    Follow it here: https://goo.gl/pwGVcJ

    The above tutorial will cover everything and is updated.
  • freuler Guenter1994
    can not we connect directly to MySQL dtbse without writing php scripts?
  • Jonald Capil
    How to call the PHP files on subdomain.
    Example: http://sample.8star.com/
    my PHP Files is under "sample" folder..

    Because, when I run the application it always pop the "No Connection".
    here's my Constants.class
    public static String ROOT_URL = "http://sample.8star.com/api/";
    public static String USER_LOGIN = ROOT_URL+"userLogin.php";
  • Divyansh T
    sir I have installed the phpmyadmin, I did already had the sublime text but can you please tell me how can I open the myadmin panel because the link isn't appearing to work.
  • toptech4u

    How to connect hosting with xammp, what is token number and what is base_url = "http://panel.etc.xyz/API/";

    I want to replace these thing with my admin panel and my token_aap,

    How I can do this..?

    Please sir help I am facing lot off problem for many days , I don't know how I can do this...
    Please help,
    sir you are my hope!
  • PM Rakibul Hasan
    thanks brother...
  • jay kadam
    sir why we use to diffrent file ?? if combine this two files into one commom file so if it is works
  • Junior Yao
    I do not have HTDOCS folder
    HOw to get this folder any tutorial on that please give me the link thanks you
  • Filip Husnjak
    I wrote the exact same code and created database on phpMyAdmin. I can run php scripts in my browser without any problem and it inserts new users too, but whenever i run my android app with your code i found out with debugger that the line "OutputStream outputStream = httpURLConnection.getOutputStream();" throws IOException and nothing happens to the database/table. I tried with many versions of http link but it just throws that exception. I also check which ip adresses my local host and tried with the same link that works in the browser and still it threw the same exception. Please if someone can help. Thank you
  • shreekanti sharma
    Sir can you please tell me will it work on online web server like 000webhost
  • samuel Wangui
    While testing the PHP script I got a fatal error call to undefined method DbOperations createUser in registerUse. Php line 20
  • Code Man
  • Raymund Balatayo
    Hello Simplified Coding! Please notice me, I have a problem on my Project please help me
  • Santosh Kumar
    hi sir i am trying this code in web server but error appearing unknown host name but my host name is correct local host it is working fine
  • Jenish Parmar
    Hello sir , I m student of engineering , this code is exilent but i have need one modification , if user can Login successfully , it's massage open in next activity XML... Can u send me this as well as possible , I have project viva tomorrow , please reply me fast ,
    MY EMAIL ID : jenishparmar12@gmail.com
  • Sagar Rawal
    why is the user is root here??
  • damay duterte
    I follow all the videos from episode 1-14 and in the episode 2 you stated that you are creating a CRUD CREATE READ UPDATE and DELETE.. but from what episode you creating a update and delete?
  • m alsulaimi
    <- this simple is not for so when I testing the coding in postman it sho error so what I do can any one help me
  • Hamza Nasir
    Can you post the link to the SLIM framework you just showed in the video?
  • amit bajarangi
    sir i have already email some query but you didnt reply only sir
  • Ayush Sharma
    what is the use of sublime here? can v make the php scripts in simple notepad ?
  • Nitish Sharma
    I get this error while doing the post in postman

    Fatal error: Cannot use isset() on the result of an expression (you can use "null !== expression" instead) in
  • Aamrin Khan
    sir i am doing this on wamp rather than xamp so will is work fine with wamp server reply sonner