How to build a background worker in Laravel PHP

How to build a background worker in Laravel PHP

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  • weshuiz13
    Hey can you make a php that are like google maps you can drag scroll up down left right to reveal more content
  • cartbeforehorse
    I'm no wiser at the end of that video than I was at the start.
  • Ahmed Raza
    If you can Update it that would be helpful. its 2017 with laravel 5.4
  • Ricardo Silva
  • Lawrence Lee
    Do you publish your code? :)
  • chictomana
    But how do you get to create the Cron Job ? please show the Linux command.
  • George Drakakis
    I am thinking to use IronMQ. I guess there is a need for a table that tracks the status of each queue item. ( % status, final status e.t.c.) I also ran into IronWorkers and maybe this is the best solution for everything. Replacing crons with queues and use workers outside you main app. Seems powerful.
  • Kamal Nasser
    Laravel 4 to the rescue! four dot laravel dot com /docs/queues
  • Jake Toolson
    Interesting discussion - I too tend to mash something together just to get it working then I reverse engineer it "correctly" which usually ends up being a full-blown library, or, by this point, I've found a library to use. I enjoy the rough, raw code aspect in the beginning.
  • Brian Gallagher
    That is always a bonus! It's just a bummer because if often feels like my time could have been used better had I known I'd needed the library/framework at first. ;)
  • Brian Gallagher
    Ever tried php-resque? I've heard of it myself but never used it, it's based off the Ruby Resque library for processing queues. I see you always tend to write your own code (like your JS framework vid) when there are clearly libraries available to do the job for you. ;) That said unfortunately the library is currently reporting an error on its TravisCI page. :P github.com/chrisboulton/php-resque
  • Dave Ganley
    You should check out ironMQ from iron.io, you can do push messages as well as the get ones and use that to come call your main app instead of have a worker server to manage or better still use a ironworker