Android PHP MySQL Tutorial - Create a User Registration App

Android PHP MySQL Tutorial - Create a User Registration App
For a complete video series with explanation visit this link 

This is very simple android php mysql tutorial, but with no voice and no explanation of code. In this android php mysql tutorial I just followed the process of the tutorial I published on my blog. 

This android php mysql tutorial has no explanation of code but you can ask here by comments and I will try explaining it to you

You can check the tutorial here 

You can also download the source code for this android php mysql tutorial from the link given above.

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    plz tell me how to upload checked (checkbox) data to mysql using volley
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    I cant upload files in hostinger(no file manager only file manager2) ! it asks for membership ? What do i do ? i dont want membership is any alternative , i have tried using 000webhost i saw many review that there is a problem using that so plz give a solution
  • Ankul Gupta
    Entire code is not avaliable.They are making a fool of us.I m stuck after wasting 2 hrs
    i am getting "undefined index" error for the lines 3,4,5, and 6 of the php script. Kindly suggest a solution.
  • geetha lakshmi
    hi, first of all, I have doubt in hostinger itself. how can we get the database in it? I just buy the free space from hostinger buddy
  • Monit Gupta
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  • Kim Official Channel
    It's an marvelous, but would be better if you try to using microphone. Thanks for sharing...
  • Sandy Mujiono
    i already copy all tutorial code from other video but when i run that program , i get blank toast, what sould i do? i use hosting on idcloudhost , should i put localhost on define 'HOST' or put link php myadmin ?
  • Nitin Gandge
    java.net.ConnectException: failed to connect to / (port 80) after 15000ms: isConnected failed:
  • lee Kaliyati
    hie mine is not posting any data to the php file it execute thes else part
  • Arsh Infosystems
    How to create JSON webservice link in android from phpMyAdmin?
  • Antsa nirina
    thanks for sharing. I have a question : can i use localhost ??
  • Nadzrin Nasri
    can i retrieve data?how?
  • khurria zafar
    Hey...! I was failed to find your page, from where u copy paste all these codes, can you please share the link of that page
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    Can i do this on an actual android device
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    how to create log in by using php in android?
  • Mimi Abera
    please sending a fuu code for thise app excsuse me
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    Do i need to change anything if i want to test on a real device????
  • Dave Chen
    I am getting <br/> as a toast message after i click the register button. Please help me with this....
  • Prashant Lal
    when I execute my code it shows <html> in toast instead of "successfully registration" Plz Help
  • Iryna Nyzhnia
    Face instead of appearing " ' successfully registered ' ; " just appearing <html/>.Im from Ukraine, maybe its problem?
  • Rose Leen
    I am unable to get the code to work properly. I am getting <html> as a toast message after i click the register button. Please help me with this
  • Isaque Araujo
    Hello I'm brazilian. Face instead of appearing " ' successfully registered ' ; " just appearing <br/>
    What can it be?
  • Sachin Kumar
    This is a Great Video Tutorial, thanks so much.
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    help please.
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    Can I do this using XAMPP?
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    I was searching for a tutorial like this for decades, all work very well... Thank you :D
  • ahmad nasruddeen mostafa
    i am getting a toast saying error registering. help pls. thanks!
  • Tiago Oliveira
    I get a PHP error message every time, i added some log messages, stops at stage 3 and jumps to "echo 'error';

    what could be the problem?

    $name = $_POST['name'];
    $username = $_POST['username'];
    $password = $_POST['password'];
    $email = $_POST['email'];

    if($name == '' || $username == '' || $password == '' || $email == ''){
    echo 'please fill all values';
    echo 'stage 0';
    echo 'stage 1 ';
    echo "$name, $username , $password, $email";
    echo 'stage 2';

    $sql = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE username='$username' OR email='$email'";
    echo 'stage 3';

    $check = mysqli_fetch_array(mysqli_query($con,$sql));
    echo 'stage 4';

    echo 'username or email already exist';
    $sql = "INSERT INTO users (name,username,password,email) VALUES('$name','$username','$password','$email')";
    echo 'successfully registered';
    echo 'oops! Please try again!';
    echo 'error';