How to Send Free SMS Using SMS API in PHP?[With Source Code]

How to Send Free SMS Using SMS API in PHP?[With Source Code]
This Video will show you how to send free sms for anyone from any number all around the world using php programming language.
Note: I forget to tell you that you need to run your Server application before executing the php script in your browser.

Source Code: https://techsupportnep.com/programming/php/how-to-send-free-sms-using-sms-api-in-php.html

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  • Masum Ahammed
    How to send SMS phone number take from database ??
  • Jhunel Valdez
    {"errors":[{"code":7,"message":"Insufficient credits"}],"status":"failure"} i can't find the error! plsss help me...
  • maruthu dx
    {"warnings":[{"message":"Number is in DND","numbers":"918344378374"}],"errors":[{"code":51,"message":"No valid numbers specified"}],"status":"failure"}
    help me
  • Peter Helao
    Hi please help mine is giving an error , “No recipients specified” status “failure” but am putting in a right phone number
  • Abhishek Agrawal
    it is showing invalid user
    help me
  • Liyana Azhar
    {"errors":[{"code":3,"message":"Invalid login details"}],"status":"failure"}

    help im getting this error, i already try to create new account but same error
  • Worst Generation
    Why the curt_init is undifeined function?
  • Ikhtiar Mahmud
    {"errors":[{"code":7,"message":"Insufficient credits"}],"status":"failure"}
    please Explain the errors.
  • null void
    You're a life saver! Thank you!
  • Adriane Sabellano
    Hi sir, This code will be possible for +63 country code?
  • Nushra Fawmy
    is there a way to change the county code?
    thank u
  • Nushra Fawmy
    NOTE: If Textlocal is integrated into your software/website via our programmers interface you must change the password/hash, or it will not work!!
    1st time it gave me success but i did'nt get any msg. after wards failure msg and now i can't even login or create a new account. your response will be a great help
  • Fresh Code
    i cant create an account on it.
  • paul descalzo
    {"errors":[{"code":7,"message":"Insufficient credits"}],"status":"failure"}.. i cant fix it
  • Vicky Gawande
    Amazing 🙂
  • nagesh Mohite
    Thanks You So Much It Really works ...
  • Alexander Toco
    Sir. I cant receive the message. Can you help me?
  • Chie Nakashima
    could this be used in a local host?
  • deepu gupta
    Code 3:,message: invalid login details.
    I am getting this error.
    I am writing the same sender name as i written in textlocal account plz help .....
  • deepu gupta
    Is this code can work in india also?
  • Jayant Barthwal
    how many free sms will they give , i also have a website and want to send sms from there, how can i give 50 free sms to every user of my website
  • mj carmelo
    Can i send sms in different country like philippines?
  • Zeeshan Arain
    hi i have no receive sms with sender name i recieved sms like this +123456
  • tahar tahar
    {"errors":[{"code":7,"message":"Insufficient credits"}],"status":"failure"}
    how to reduce this problem
    and is there a free message number after the rest paying
    please explain how his walk
  • Jude Lawrenz Salvador
    is this applicable on hosting?
  • Udit Neupane
    I didn't get sms in my mobile phone although i have follow the tutorial from the begning.
  • huzaifa Aslam
    status is success but i can't receive any message
  • Azib javed
    Object not found!
    The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error.

    If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.

    Error 404
    Apache/2.4.17 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.2d PHP/5.6.23
    url not found ?????
  • Rodney Lungayan
    Can i user their code for sms but different carrier i want unlimited but free and not just 10 free SMS.
  • bebe nglynrys
    Hello may i ask, What if you used all your balance?
  • Abdela Hmd
    The only code that worked exactly as its instructed 😍😍😍⚘⚘⚘❤❤❤
  • Ninad Kheratkar
    It worked, thank you.
  • Musically Videos
    Hello sir,it does not work for me, and it does not appear even alert from Echo result. please kindly help me.I add +91 in my mobile no but it does not show any error nor message to my mobile.should i add + before country code or not?
  • Rohit Gujjar
    Can you please make a video for adding api to kapsytem (better messaging service than local text )
  • Jaylord Jl
    The country code should? example: +63 or without + sign?
  • Rohit Gujjar
    message":"Invalid sender name ..
  • sadaqat ali
    Thanx bro ammazing tutorial..
  • Saif Khan
    sir they show me the invalid email error when i was going to sign in in free textlocal although i am giving the right email bt they can still giving mee errorrr......plzz help
  • Latest Internet Tricks
    Finally its work thanks brooooo
  • Latest Internet Tricks
    {"code":3,"message":"Invalid login details"}],"status":"failure"}
  • Buddhika shaminda Rathnayaka
    I tried this it shows the successful message but msg not received to phone can you help me to solve it
  • kelly llapitan
    $ch = curl_init('http://api.txtlocal.com/send/?');

    what do you think the error here?? why isnt working
    line 19 fatal error undfined variable..can you please help me..
  • Timble India
    It is unlimited sms or limited
  • zeeshan safdar
    {"errors":[{"code":3,"message":"Invalid login details"}],"status":"failure"} please notify me about this error and
    i want to add password of api which is given me from company kindly guide me
    Pago para fazerem esse sistema para eu, sou do brasil whatsapp: +17175004557
  • ghena alghussein
    Thank you for this tutorial (=
    It works with be, but it takes 3 minutes until I receive the SMS !!
    Is this how this API work? If not, what could be the possible issue behind the delay?

    Thank you in advance..
  • maulik jagtap
    {"errors":[{"code":7,"message":"Insufficient credits"}],"status":"failure"} this error is come
  • avinash singh
    {"errors":[{"code":3,"message":"Invalid login details"}],"status":"failure"} please notify me about this error
    at avinashsingh4494@gmail.com
  • Ahmad Mahyudi
    i tried and it say success. But i did not get the message.
  • Eugene Daigdigan
    Thanks Man ! You save Me !! hahaha