Top 10 Free Android Games of 2018 So Far

Top 10 Free Android Games of 2018 So Far
Check out the complete list of best FREE android games at https://whatoplay.com/android/best/free/

Our ranking of the best free-to-play mobile games for your Android smartphones and tablets. These are the top-rated free games of 2018 so far available on the Google PlayStore. Get these games by clicking the links below:
(Arranged in alphabetical order)

Asphalt 9: Legends - 2018’s New Arcade Racing Game   https://wtp.cool/rQGaF
Caravan War: Heroes and Tower Defense   http://wtp.cool/xR4CP
Disney Heroes: Battle Mode   http://wtp.cool/vvRhW
DRAGON BALL LEGENDS   http://wtp.cool/g8nVv
Major Mayhem 2   http://wtp.cool/PCFTt
Pocket City   https://wtp.cool/ldwxu
PUBG Mobile   http://wtp.cool/tBP5w
Shadowgun Legends   https://wtp.cool/x3NkL
SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI D×2   https://wtp.cool/2JP7H

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  • Nick Loresh
    • Shadow Fight 3 🤺
    • Guns Of Boom 💣
    • Lara Croft Go (PTP) 🏃‍♀️
    • The Wolf Among Us 🐺
    • Tales from the Borderlands 🛰
  • Nadia Blue
  • Jibril Channel
    Your beautiful
  • Yabba Dabba
    terrible list
  • DoubleDBoujee33
    third video I watched for (an) android game(s) that would catch my interest and PUBG Mobile is the only one so far, hopefully it's worth trying out!
  • Mohamed alkayem
    How can I get shadow gun legend????
  • A N Sarasamma
    I have pubg
  • Ermin Ibrahimovic
    I'm add 1000 likes😂😂😂
  • Jerry Coste
    She is cool
  • MiniSeptic Gamer
    Do fuk
  • bhupender singh
    I have asphalt 9 in my Android
  • raouf mochtar
    Why can't I find Asphalt 9 on my Android

    Please tell me😭😭😭
  • VualToX - Infinite Gaming
    I can finally see the face behind the voice.
  • Legenda
    UGH none are available in my country
  • Xx_noob_slayer_xX AJ
  • Ards cification
    PUBG mobile all day
  • slayermaster 81
    Wow using powerbangs content
  • king 45
    Nnnoooooo my gawd boring boring boring my gawdd
  • Miguel pagcaliwagan
    Is everyone in whatstoplay fillipino they all have the accent
  • aleks193AAA
    asphalt 9 and shadowgun legends
  • Gabby TOPics
    Who else come here to download a game
  • Ami N
    Hi rain
  • ZanyMarsh
    Help me get 💯
  • MJ Salenga
    Are you a Filipino?
  • fan the seven deadly sins
    800. like
  • Scarred Praetorian
    I feel bad for people named Raine.
  • Rias Gremory
    What are the names of shadowgun legends and asphalt 9 legends on android i cant find them
  • Aaron Stafford
    SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI D×2 just straight up ripping off character design from persona 5
  • Gamer_XZ
    Pubg... SUCKS!!!!!!
  • Mhaim Saraza
    Dude fortnite is so much better
  • the phenomenon the best
    asphalt 9 legends
  • Burger Acid
    Ff15 you can only play up to chapter 1
  • Messiah Judge
    There arent any good games anymore its so sad
    When i was a kid angry birds , fruit ninja and temple run were so addictive but new mobile games are more like consoles instead of quick games i can play anytime
  • Delirious Dequarious
    Do you know what I hate the most?

    CLICKBAIT its a crime
  • PizzaPlayer
    PUBG MOBILE 36mb?

    ILLUSION 100
  • Anime Tag
    Why every game developer is making RPG games too much. I am just tired playing RPG games.
  • 卐卐Hossein卐
    Pubg number #1
  • SHgames
    It's a great video. I hope you will come to my channel and review my games if you don't mind :)
  • Rizwan TRG2
    Is that HATSUNE FIGURE???😱😱😱
  • tsitsi aria
    Search for Escape Legacy, it's a totaly new game, very interesting!
  • melissa massy
    Does asphalt 9 work without internet ??
  • GODS
    Pocket city is not free
  • Terry Smith
  • Kenno 47
    Mobile legend :v
  • MotoPassion
    The Shadowgun link is wrong
  • 愚昧之神Nano
    Game Of Dice
  • Epic Scene
    I think i am only one who played mobile legend
  • Jerome Balgos
    Raine is so beautiful
  • Effarto La Cobo
    I'm surprised brawl stars wasn't in here
  • Flamin' Face
    thx dont worry im going to sub