LAB RATS Cast Teases Season 4 Details On Set!

LAB RATS Cast Teases Season 4 Details On Set!
YH pays yet another visit to the set of Disney XD's "Lab Rats: Bionic Island", but this time, we hand over hosting duties to 10-year-old Brendan Bernstein! He sits down with stars Tyrel Jackson Williams, Billy Unger, Kelli Berglund, and Spencer Boldman to find out how much of their own stunts they get to perform, their fierce hair secrets, and who the biggest prankster on set is, plus we get some teasers for Season 4!

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  • Daniel Rosales
    You like guns and roses to me and my dad like them to
  • Bibi Faatimah Cajee
    Chase looks so handsome
  • Lola Fortunato
    i love you guys
  • Camren Fielden
    My favorite characters is Adam and leo
  • KDramaQueen786 Peace
    Pi know right. y wood they take lab rats off of netflix. plus billy hunger is cute💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
  • Sebastian Ruth
    sebastian thats also my name in season 4 sebastian is da bad guy
  • Jayshaun Wilson
    I love your shows they are the best👍👍💯
  • Paradise VLOGS
    Chase is my favorite we are kinda the same person in a way like If I get embarrassed my voice gets deeper and I get mad lol
  • Little Star
    Must’ve been hard not to laugh when Adam said, did all those funny, ”Idiot” thing. I would’venlaughed a lot. xD
  • Fayaaz Cassim
    I wish I can meet em all
  • King Kong 2
    You are cool 💪💪💪💪👈💏✌👊👆
  • donneil nolen
    I like Leo the best and Adam and then it's Chase and then it's Bri cuz Bri she really doesn't have all good powers
  • FAiden
    We all know Spencer hasn’t even tried because the kid is only 10
  • Alejandro Mackan
  • Vianey Venegas
    donde es
  • Lol puppy lover Lol
    The arm wrestle spencer was pretending
  • Mackenzie D
    Adam and chase are super cute
  • Jonathan Padilla
    I'm a big fan of lab rats
  • ItsPouapheng
    It ended 😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • sonya cohen
    Can l meet. You
  • Emily Vargas
    Spencer is so cute I wish he was my age
  • Selmeg&Lena Vlog
    тут есть русские?
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    Can you give me biyonix
  • Chaos vloger
    I want this show to keep on going for a long time
  • Alex The anime queen
    Please...make...a...season...5...please...I...need it
  • WolfClan Zack
    Srry for late vid,but if i was chases best best friend i would give him 1,000,000,000,000 even adam and bree
  • Harleigh Vm
  • Harleigh Vm
  • Kim Conklin
    Will their be a season 5 ?
  • Robloxian Noob
    Adam is my favorite character because he makes fun of chase lol
    idk if i got the names wrong bc its been a while since I've watched it bc i binge watched it lol
  • AFP Life_
  • Gaming Studios Dragon Fox
    Then Davenport Why don't you guys have him in there though :(
  • Gaming Studios Dragon Fox
    I Love All Lab Rats characters But Billy Is my Favorite Then Kelli Then Spencer Than Tyrel
  • Monica Salazar
    hi im alyssa please dont take off lab rats on netflix
  • Daniel Pedraza
  • Olivia Childers
    spencer let him win but him and kelly pulled a funny prank
  • Lawrence Franks
    how do you use your powers
  • Olivia Echols
    Omg I love this show
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    My favorite is Adam and bree
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    that did not hurt
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    This is cool and hi Bree ☺
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    I love lab rats I’ve watched every season like 16 times!
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  • bonnie the bunny
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  • Allison Shelley
    spencer it's not a breathalyzer...... it's called a SCUBA regulator
    Make more lad rats
  • Little mango 17
    Chase:well I can do flips 😂
  • Ruth Zamora
    I love lab rats I like watch the seasons olmost every time I would love to meet you guys and chase and Marcus and Bree and Adam and Leo are my favorite characters plus when is season 4 coming out