Snapdragon 625 vs 430 SPEED Test/Gaming/Benchmark/Comparison/Review(Adreno 506 vs 505)GPU/CPU

Snapdragon 625 vs 430 SPEED Test/Gaming/Benchmark/Comparison/Review(Adreno 506 vs 505)GPU/CPU
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Display: 5.0 inch, FHD screen, 441PPI
CPU: Snapdragon 625 Octa Core Max 2.0GHz
System: MIUI 8
Camera: 13.0MP rear camera + 5.0MP front camera
Sensor: Gravity Sensor, Gyroscope, Infrared sensors
SIM Card: dual SIM dual standby, Nano SIM / Micro SIM / Micro SD card
Feature: GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, Beidou
Bluetooth: 4.2, Bluetooth HID
GSM B2/B3/B5/B8
CDMA2000/1X BC0
TD-LTE B38/B39/B40/B41(2555-2655MHz)
Related Things below stated r timeline of this video, time stamps:
Xiaomi redmi 4 prime vs xiaomi redmi 3s speed test-00:05
xiaomi redmi 3s vs Xiaomi redmi 4 gaming-09:00
Xiaomi redmi 4 vs xiaomi redmi 3s comparison-00:01
Snapdragon 625 vs 430 review- 00:11
Snapdragon 625 benchmarks snapdragon 430- 01:00
Snapdragon 430 vs 625 speed test- 01:59
snapdragon 625 vs Snapdragon 430 speed test- 02:20
Snapdragon 430 vs snapdragon 625 comparison- 03:00
Snapdragon 625 vs snapdragon 430 gaming- 07:00
SD 625 VS SD 430 speed test- 02:35
Snapdragon 625 Antutu snapdragon 430-01:10
Snapdragon 625 geekbench snapdragon 430-01:20
Snapdragon 625 RAM speed snapdragon 430-01:25
Snapdragon 625 RAM multitasking snapdragon 430-03:00
Adreno 505 v Adreno 506 gaming-06:55
adreno 506 v Adreno 505 speed test- 07:00
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  • რეზი რეზი
    ylus ahvilo
  • Eki Clash
  • Joy Retomalta
    what is better in pubg?snapdragon 625 or 430?
  • Charles_Cabbage
    Those who think 430 had.more fps note that it was tested on 720 p
  • Aníbal Pavão
    Sd 625 clearly better at gaming and scrolling.
  • Taufyk Uciha
    Where is score the winner?
  • Roope Kiviniemi
    430 is not bad at all but it uses much more power than 430.
  • Debojyoti Ghosh
    625 is pro version of 430. not so much difference.
  • ElectricBlitz CS
    Song name please
  • Francisco Zermeno
    One of the phones is using cellular while the other one uses wifi...
  • Kevin Singh
    Nice review. Thanks!
  • Svader96
    7:41 LOL, not even touching the top screen and still performs a takedown.. You sir, are a boss.
  • Hazwan Hazman
    sir? can i know, the result will be same when you compare zenfone3 max 5.5 vs xiaomi 4? coz zenfone also have 430 snapdragon.. sory for my bad english :)
  • Aguara Guazuu
    Pls name of the DnB song
  • Shan Muga
    Gaming on 2 mobiles.. wowww looks crazy mann :)
  • Prajwal Patil
  • manohar reddy
    how is the battery life in 430 chipset when compared with 625.
  • Rob Smeets
    Hi guys, just a small question (if you still have these phones or remember about this), the 625 is of course a lot faster, but is it still more energy efficient than the 430? In fact I'm in doubt between buying a Wileyfox Swift 2+ (SD430) versus a Huawei Nova (SD625). I know for certain the 430 will be powerful enough for me (in fact I'm fine with the 410) but I'd like the best possible battery life...
  • Hakim Abdul
    but the sd430 not that bad.. I'm surprised..hahaha
  • Simion Florin
    I like the Snapdragon 625, it is such a good processor, powerfull enough and very efficient. I would like to see a succesor from Qualcomm in the future based on 10nm process.
  • adi das
    salam. can u compare redmi 4 prime vs lenovo k6 power. Btw which one benchmark did u use?