Apocalyptica - 'Bittersweet' feat. Lauri Ylönen & Ville Valo (Official Video)

Apocalyptica - 'Bittersweet' feat. Lauri Ylönen & Ville Valo (Official Video)
'Bittersweet' feat. Lauri Ylönen (The Rasmus) & Ville Valo (HIM) is taken from the Apocalyptica album 'Apocalyptica' released in 2004.

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  • LSD Demian Frankʓʓʓ
    I just came here, for Lauri Ylonen,
    the soul of Rasmus
  • anna andreoli
    I am feeling very very bittersweet for xmas anna andreoli
  • Grindor
    Who came here after watching a scarred pride?
  • Erika Ramirez
  • Cecilia Gomez
    Con esta canción los conocí ❤️
  • Liliana Jimenez
    Me encanta esta canción no puedo dejar de escucharla
  • Lourdes Kaulitz
    Someone's watching it in December 2018?? 😎 Love this song, their voices sound soooo perfect together 🎶
  • Lukáš Vlček 1974
    Reaching to realms beyond recall. I can feel so powerful emotion in this song, that it is not possible to describe it in words.
  • Nancy vontesse
    Chills down my core
  • Ксения Топчий
    Обажаю эти три группы. Они потрясающие!!!
  • Bart Anonim
    i need pogan sun pls pls
  • geronimoijon
    Laurins voice destroys this Song
  • ada toniewypada
    Two the best singers in one song! <3 Love, love, love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • lotrgirl27
    Words cannot express how much I appreciate this song. I keep coming back to it, year after year.
  • arianne johnson
  • Marzenia H
  • Caity Bekkering
    I love Ville's voice in this song. <3
  • Karen Sophia Ruiz Medina
    una obra de arte ♥
  • Dark Starr
  • BB DN
    01:55 Best 20 seconds for me with the breakdown, growling, screaming, anger, sadness (almost crying), devastation, frustration, obsessiveness, possessiveness and a sparkle of hope. My soul is aligning with that so deep and pure...
  • marcos y sus bigos de shit
    Y como llegue aqui si yo estaba viendo rammstein con tatu
  • nano Tech
  • Gabriel Levrone
    mira ese rolon papu
  • Industry92 Mash ups
    Lauri's voice in this is just.... wow 😍
    Ville's low tones are perfectly harmonic too, but Lauri's raw power is untouchable here 😍👏
  • Jonathan Rojo
    Dudeee 30 sec to Mars .
  • Adriano Taylor
    Essa música eh linda demais...bem escrita..bem feita
  • roberto henriquez
    El Rock de Suomi es otra dimension.
  • vReaper666
    yes, this song and feel expresion, can fully describe mine feelings, my life and make me feel worse, even I like this song..and need to replay it again, and again..good job guys...
  • i22dina
    I want to fuck Ville Valo
  • Gabriela Silveira
    My 2 loves in 1 video.
  • Eda Zarco
  • Avalon Archer
    Ville‘s magnificent baritone voice accompanied by the sound of cellos...magical harmony!🎼🎵🎶
  • higor almeida
    Algum brasileiro?
  • Rachel Lovely
    :"She" is back boys...... " The Ghost of Love"
  • LoveyDove 82
    In love!!!
  • Scott Woodham
    Weird but freaky
  • Shemhamforashdan Dan
    Such a great fucking song. Love Villie. Can’t wait for his new album coming in 2019
  • Sower Edits
    Que música foda , composta pelos deuses
  • V S
    2018 and I’m still here
  • Pain Papa de los Helados
    Im still looking for the name of the girl/model :c
  • Krystal Leigh
  • Krystal Leigh
    Ugh! When will God let me die! Every song on my YouTube and Pandora remind me of what this horrible world does to me every time I love someone! Listen to wings of a butterfly 🦋 and we are the fallen bury me alive! Every day of my life!
  • владимир алиев
    эта композиция охуенна!
  • argam haghnazarian
    Lets go back to early 20s ❤️❤️❤️
  • Luci ewe
  • gulmek oscuro
    Al principio parece nota de suicidió de porta :v
  • Alicia Pérez
    Love it
  • Black Roses
    Lauri deberias unirte con Ville vallo y Apocaliptica,crear un grupo 100x100 chulo! Haceis muy buen grupo!😍👍👍👍👍
  • Tiffany Juliet Calix
    I was singing this song in the rain
  • Марина Тюмина
    It is a bomb! Thank you very much, you sang very beautifully, it super.