Homebrew vertical antenna 40m band by YC2YIZ

Homebrew vertical antenna 40m band by YC2YIZ
Vertical antenna with center loading
6,3m for 40m band

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40 Meter Fishing Pole Antenna

How to make an easy and inexpensive portable antenna for 40 meters and other bands. Parts used: Shakespeare telescope 20 carbon fibre fishing pole from Amazon 33'-9" speaker wire, I used 18 ga. LDG


  • OA4SER Toño León Del Risco
    Hello Friend! Best regards from Lima Peru, I am interested in experimenting with that antenna and being able to manufacture it! inside the plastic box that comes out in the video do you have some kind of wire winding trap, some UnUn or something similar? Exact measurements of radiant and negative ??? Could you share all this information? thank you very much best 73s
  • Banhdit Suwong
    very interesting
    Do you have a way?
    I will try to do some look.