Parallel PHP

Parallel PHP
A screencast being used to develop a lightening talk for 2015 UK conference circuit

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  • Shahid Muneer
    At last PHP gained MULTI Threading thanks brother
  • Isabella Cris
    Can you please share step-by-step guideline for installing pthread. Also provide practical example of achieving multi-threading in PHP. Thanks Isabella www.e-weddingcardswala.in
  • Bondy
    I'm looking into testing PThreads to speed up decompression of a file. Do I need to use a thread safe version of PHP ?
  • Lewis Cowles
    Well done on making a YT video to help others, a PHP extension, contributing to Core, and being Fucking Awesome! Look forward to more video's
    Hi Joe, i'm using your pthreads and i had some difficulty in the beginning because the documentation. In fact, till tonight, i spent 7 days to understand that Threaded object is already a thread. I'm using it in my php socket servers to speed up the "Recognize command and answer" routine. Anyway, now it is working, i see the speed is raised... but is there a way to count the number of threads that are currently running? How many threads we can spawn?
    Great job man, sorry for my english, i'm italian. I will follow you in your php future steps.
  • Animal Army
    well done daddy.