PHP vs Node in 2018 | Which One Should You Learn | Ask A Dev

PHP vs Node in 2018 | Which One Should You Learn | Ask A Dev
PHP vs Node | Which One Should You Learn | Ask A Dev
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  • Ezio Auditore Da Firenze
    hahahahhahhahahh truly said buddy going for mean stack
  • oaxacachaka
    Always get these Wix ads. I hate their marketing department.
  • Thumbsdown Bandit
    No, you shouldn't learn PHP. You also shouldn't learn English. It''s an easy to learn but crappy language with virtually billions of really, really awful printed matters written in it. And everybody knows that Zulu based on Bantu has a better grammar, and is the fastest growing language in the world, and will overtake English in three, let's say five years max.
  • G1K777
    Simple Answer
    The more you know the more things you can do.
  • DJRosted
    If I want to mass produce websites with lots of cool functionality and make them easy to maintain and expand, what should I use?
  • Ryan Jarvis
    I have been learning PHP, Laravel, and MySQL. I would like to checkout Node.js though. Not sure about Mango though, maybe would like to stick with an RDMS instead of the schema-less.. Thanks
  • kemmy91 9
    u look like my kids cat
  • realperson.dll
    PHP is horrible.
  • Svein Are Karlsen
    PHP7.2 is a lot more optimized for back-end than node.js... JavaScript is sluggish, so I prefer running that client-side 😂😂
  • Ryu
    Express is already a framework so it’s normal it requires less lines than vanilla php. Just check how many libraries it loads behind. It’s actually the reverse. JavaScript is much more verbose than php
  • Gary Zavala
    This guy is definitely frustrated PHP learner. Not that I love php but I think it just takes patience. After all not everyone should program, it's not easy but delightful.
  • Natalia Romankevich
    Thanks, Dylan! I'm enjoying your videos!! I have been studying JS, HTML and CSS for a year already (Google Developer Nanodegree Scholarship). My portfolio consist of 5 projects for now. However, recently I got an offer for a 12 weeks coding bootcamp from one bank to become a fullstack developer C# .NET and JS. Well, as I'm a self-taught yet beginner, I decided just go for it and take the most out of it.
  • HordeonSC2
    I have been working with PHP for quite some time now and it's been running me into depression :D I hate PHP (As you said it's not that it's hard. What I hate the most about PHP is that even OOP part of PHP and best practices are fucking one big, unorganized, horrible mess) When I tried Node with Express, Angular and Mongoose I just fell in love.
  • Matthew Jones
    The number of jobs posted decreased because people were eating the posted jobs up
  • vivek patil
    Guyz don't listen to him. He is new to IT world and has almost no idea about different technologies importance. You can't search on Google about IT sector trend to know that you have to be in IT for few years.

    I am pretty sure that he has just learned to program recently hence hating everything right from PHP and even relational databases like MySql.

    I wonder what will happen to him if his employer asks him to work in Java. :-D he will definitely will himself.
  • Wahyu Budiman
    peformance fixed by php 7, ugly codes fixed by laravel and tons of its amazing features
  • Kola Aderinto
    Thanks dude. I was deciding on what to learn first. I was going for JS. I think your video has really shed the light, and make my decision easier. Definitely JS
  • omkar patil
    why you show only graphs
  • Serhii Cho
    Instead of using NODEJS lets use NO JS
  • Karolis Kerpys
    But if you start coding and you want to build your first website you can't do it in Node. You need to buy a server, install Nginx, configure a lot of stuff that is overkill for beginner.
    PHP on other hand. I buy configured server and just drop .php or .html files in it. 1min and my site is running!
    So the develpment curve is suuuper long for node compared with php. Or am i wrong here?
  • Bojana Drangova
    This video is mostly personal opinion and experience. No objective overview of the technologies discussed. Node (and Javascript) has still a long way till it becomes the default for everything. The best thing to do is learn the basics of both, research what kind of things you can build with both and see what you are more interested in. Keep in mind that if you learn PHP you will need to learn Javascript (and a bit of node) for realtime interactive apps. But on the other hand PHP is more capable (at least for now) to handle more advanced systems, with complex business requirements. As far as crappy code goes, you can do it in both. When it comes to job offerings, PHP's jobs have been brought down because of the appearing of other languages, frameworks, packages that support web development (like Ruby on Rails, Python and Django and so on).
  • dozeyy
    Good content and fun personality! Thumbs up and subscribing!
  • Lwandile Rozani
    Dylan Israel I gave your video a like and subscribed for more content because it's good. However, I have to disagree with your confining C# and .NET to some college degree - because I taught myself C#. I agree with the fact that one has to make a choice on the initial programming language to use before focusing on the other, let me sum it up for everyone:

    For college nerds -- Node.js, for everyone else PHP

    This is because PHP helps one acquire a better knowledge of backend systems with the basic knowledge of Microsoft Access or Excel if they don't have a college degree, in which case you wouldn't necessarily need to learn yet another programming language just to create a CMS since Mysql is also a relational database.

    Another fair point is that Node.js is just a run-time environment and php is an actual programming language, if it were the only programming language one knew he/she could use Visual Studio to create a Windows app.

    Finally on the graphs you were focusing on what's happening this year, however, if you were to zoom out to get a full overview (like from the start of this millennium), you would find that PHP and Python have had more longevity and a better track record in security than all these other fancy web development languages and overall --- THEY ARE NOT ON THE DECLINE!

    P.S. (btw): If you are not a Computer Science graduate, PHP tutorials are a great way to learn object oriented programming. This has been my experience in web and app development; once I got PHP right everything else was a whole lot easier. At any rate the important thing is choose one programming language (better something that was mentioned on this video if you are going into web apps) and stick to it until you master it before moving on.
  • Rich Williams
    so do i learn react and use php with it ? or is node/mongo a better way to store dbase data to extract when required?? thx
  • John Turner
    I never come across jobs in my area that list Node as the primary skill. It's always in the good to have but not required section of the job description. I really like the idea of using a single language for the full stack though, so I hope it catches on around here.
  • m b
    How many hours of an 8-hour workday do you actually spend coding vs. in planning, meetings, project stage activities, customer support, other non coding activities?
  • Nonchalant 84
    PHP is awesome!
  • Official Kon
    If I'm more focused on the design of a website; which coding skill is it better to have on my belt? Javascript? It seems the other stuff is more on the back end.
  • JonnyBeoulve
    Thanks to our sponsor: me. Lol. I laughed irl.
  • Tech 1212
    Crypto whore!! Dylan Israel strikes again.
    What about php or python?
  • Alex Machin
    Node is for the cool kids who like javascript. Shame there is no really good CMS written in javascript.
  • Mamunur Rashid
    I also didn't like 'PHP'!!!
  • Jack Frost
    i am going with python framework
  • ziad daoud
    you are non professional..
  • *Amalox*
    I’m a 15 y’o interested in learning back-end. So far I’ve come to like Node more. It feels more modern and friendly to me than PHP. I’m just hoping that the job market will migrate to Node at some point, but, as far as my country goes, that’s probably not going to happen any time soon.
  • Patrick Luy
    Laravel is beautiful. Just saying :)
  • Anthony Candaele
    Hi Dylan, you say that two frameworks are dominant in the Node.js stack, Angular and React. Which one do you prefer? And what about Vue.js? I heard it's a lot easier than Angular or React.
  • Adeshile Victor
    Mehn! I just love your humor Bro. You're such a realist and very detailed with your opinion. This has really helped, Thanks you!!!.
  • Hello World
    In Ukraine Node sucks a huge dick, maybe Node is just for US
  • Jerry Liu
    Which one to learn if time is limited? Need to choose one from them. You are from Sydney Aus?
  • Arun Abraham
    See the point is. Node is still lacking scalability. While PHP is a mature language. Nodejs is nowhere near a mature. PHP is a language which is still fast and easy and good for productivity See HHVM and PHP7.

    LinkedIn used node.
    But their main platform is now Java. with Play framework. Why?. Poor scalability and waste of time in code optimization with hardware.
    I used to care for node. But, can anyone tell me why still node is complicated when handling multithreading? I know about Clusters. But its too advanced for an average programmer to waste time on that optimization.

    There is no issue with PHP for that. Besides. PHP has C based extensions, which make it faster to do CPU intensive task. Most of the general purpose task can be easily done with PHP. PHP is still productive today. especially in web-based applications.

    My approach to node is stll use it partially with backend languages like PHP , Java or Python. Headless programming is the key to modern days.

    Use node where it shines. Like front end and real-time layers. Async IO and UI. For all others opt for more mature language.

    We need to use the power of both. We need to learn both. Node is never a magic bullet. It is still awesome in its league.

    But PHP and others are still stable in terms of programming solid apps.
  • mountainhobo
    Wait, you are basing your entire argument on Indeed graphs? You should be in Scala, then. Yeah, that's the ticket. Sorry, this whole video is so much BS, it hurts.
  • ye buddy
    I feel like node js and backend JS in general has a spike in jobs because of the increase of start ups popping up left and right. It's the most efficient language to pump out an MVP quickly. But JS is unreliable and a lot of its related technologies don't have the best documentation. The backwards compatibility issue with Angular 4(I think 4??) is huge. How unstable is that? Personally from seeing all of the holes in JS I have no desire to learn it for backend. To me its whole history just turns me off. Made in 10 days, made to be easy to learn, unreliable booleans, unreliable frameworks, little documentation, etc. The best things take a bit of extra time and Javascript in general (to me at least) seems to stand for the opposite
  • Javier Treviño
    I think both are good for different purposes: PHP is perfect for designing/developing websites/web apps for small to medium businesses using the themes/plugins ecosystem. Node JS is better for someone who wants to become a more modern developer and complement it with other things like React, React Native or maybe Angular. The kind of developer who learns all this, would be someone interested in working for a innovative startup or corporation and work on the cutting edge of platforms like the web, mobile apps and the cloud. It also it's more suitable for someone who wants to create something new and innovative like a new app or digital service. PHP is much more utilitarian and very good for doing work for other businesses in agency/development studio scenario.
  • Joseph Rahman
    He should not learn programming. He could do wix. no need coding.
  • Mohammed Iqlas Uddin
    this somehow does sound biased comparison???
  • Nixaristix
    js is everywherer! Learn Node.js. I think after 3-5 years it will dominate in relation to PHP.
  • owen
    Dude hates writing code, lol
  • Smuffer
    in my country, Node jobs are better paid than PHP ones.