Login | Logout | Session PHP Video Tutorial-110(Hindi/Urdu) | Youtube

Login | Logout | Session PHP Video Tutorial-110(Hindi/Urdu) | Youtube
Login and Logout System With Session PHP Video Tutorial-110(Hindi/Urdu) | Youtube
PHP Session, PHP Session Login Logout Process, MySQL Database User, Logout User Unset Session, Destroy Session,Start Session.
This video tutorial will explain how to login and logout the web page using php session and database using MySql. By using this login script, we can show the secure pages after the login page successfully logged in. For authentication process we have to create login page with username and password input field. By using the input box, we can get the username and password using php post method which is secure after submitting the form.

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    very nice tutorial about session
  • hemant kumar
    sir plz oops in php with projects pe bhi video bnaye aapki videos SE SB clear ho rha h plz
  • Kalpesh Ahir
    Bhai koi asa tarika he Jaime ham FB me apna I'd pasward pahle se hai dal sake dayrek log in hona chahiye

    Jese ki app installed karte hai account Khulna chahiye

    Plz help me...
  • Gurpreet Sidhu
    thanksssss bro..............................
  • sandeep ray
    Thanks... well defined
  • Himanshu Negi
    sir mst video mja aa gya simple
  • zexr2010
    How to call another variable? Example in your video, you just session user. How to session all data from database?
  • Rajesh Ranjan
    Thankyour sir. It works
  • tpt tech
    taaki hum php ki sabhi video dekh sake.
  • tpt tech
    bhai aap php ka alagse playlist banao. please..........
  • Channel Haveli
    thank you bro very helpful with the video as the code worked in one shot
  • Kang Das
    bohot achchhi tarah aap samjhate hai
    I am Kumaresh from Chennai. I am able to see the page viewed after logout. Can u provide sample code to prevent effect after logout.
  • hassan sadiq
    Sir, explanation is very easy and understandable.First time I commented after watching this video.
  • Herojit Singh
    very nice Sir
  • Salman Khan
    Sir user or pass ke alawa address wale field ko session ke dwara kese use kare...??? Plz sir...
  • Hamza Saleem
    nice explanation , thank you ... <3
    Fabulous explanation. Cleared lot of things. Keep helping people, it will help you.
  • Mail Master
    Make video for forgot password short code like this video, Registration create password in encrypted form, security session like on every login create a unique token which show in url and that url should be unique at every logout it must change ... Make user can login only one place if try to login other desktop and previous session is active ask to logout from all device ... Like irctc session... Make required field alert in designed form..Disable view source code via php and session if try page show 404 , make if user enter wrong password id would block for particular time...etc
  • Mail Master
    Could you share the source code if this video.. also Make video which catch data from database in textbox.
  • abhishek pansuriya
  • iqra khan
    Nice Explanation sir!
  • World News
    THNKU patel bhai
  • anuj adams
    nice thanks for this video....
  • Aman Jog
    superb.! Thanks a lot
  • pankaj sharma
    sir nhi chl ra ye progrm

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_query() in C:\xampp\htdocs\play\mybook.php:10 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\play\mybook.php on line 10 ye aa raha or jo apne kiya ta wahi same h
  • PK Net
    ager koi kafi dair tak use na kary page tu auto lougout karnay k leye be bata daity
  • Hamza Khan
    nice 1
  • Nethra Ramesh - Port Credit SS (2272)
    Hi I'm beginner in PHP. I'm trying to have user login as a student and want to see the data from Student table where user credentials are in another table User. All videos are explaining only till user login and home page with welcome message and logout button. Can you let me know if you have any tutorial for this. Thanks.
  • masoud fathi
  • hack studio
    how can i do with CRUD operation with session ,
  • Brijpal singh
    thanks for this help...
  • Kanchan Bisht
    Thnks sir.. Really it is a very nice video...
  • Kushal Kumar Thakur
    I have not got the session yet, but you explained it well thank you so much Mr. Patel
  • Joefel Pastrana
    i watch many videos but only your videos i understand the most . its better to watch( hindi) tutorial :)
  • Rashmika Patel
    Thanks a lot nice explanation .. :)
  • king maker
    nice video.....teaching metho is very good
  • Electro Nation
    Source code bro