Android Development Tutorial - Authentication with PHP WebService part 1

Android Development Tutorial - Authentication with PHP WebService part 1
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In this tutorial , i will show you how to write simple PHP backend to authenticate with Android app

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  • Oskar Kufel
    I still have the same problem . All time generate this response {"error":true,"error_msg":"Unknow eror occured in regestrition"}. I'dont know result my problem becouse I writed line by line copy this video.
  • Desire Ndjog
    help me please
  • Desire Ndjog
    i'm still waiting please
  • Desire Ndjog
    Let me give thé configuration of the xamp table
  • Desire Ndjog
    Don't change anything, just continue with this vidéo
  • Desire Ndjog
    Ok, on this vidéo officielle authentification, i did same as you, and it work. Please i Want you on this same vidéo, to show me how can i fetch data from xamp. In a table and display it on a recycler view
  • Fahim Khan
    How do you come up with so beautiful design interface I'm not good at designing how I can make it better?
  • Amir Afzal
    Sir I have an error in functions.php file while testing on ARC. kindly any solution
    </span> Fatal error: Call to undefined method mysqli_result::fetch_assco() in C:\wamp\www\loginsystem\db_functions.php on line <i>66</i></th></tr>
  • Hideku Gaming
    Hi, how do I do if I have a WCF service and the password is encripted in my SQL Server?
  • Arsalan Rex
    can you please add the source code?
  • BbbooyAce10
    And if I wanted to do it with SQL Server?
  • Ganesh Aswar
    please Solve It:
    call to a member function prepare() on null in db_function.php
    $stmt=$this ->conn->prepare("INSERT INTO login (unique_id,name,email,encrypted_password,salt,created_at)VALUES(?,?,?,?,?,NOW())");
  • Siva Teja Vajja
    Hello sir, You are making videos on firebase only , so,Can you make a full app with php web services like EatIt app? For freshers it will be a great opportunity to learn how to write web services and connecting to database.Many of us have no idea how to write web services interact with android app and also website!!! Thanks.
  • Vivek Pathak
    i did the same as here but i am always getting "Required parameters (name,email,password) is missing"
    how to solve...?
  • chetan soppin
    Amazing work bro ,, i learnt lot from your tutorial started with xamarin android , firebase apps , and i was waiting to start with web services with php and android ,, luckily you started ,,, Helps lot to learn fastly ,,, plz continue ....
  • Aakash Sugandhi
    i have a one error in my code
    api side
    <br />
    <b>Fatal error</b>: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function prepare() on null in C:\xampp\htdocs\mydb\db_function.php:104
    Stack trace:
    #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\mydb\register.php(22): DB_Functions-&gt;isUserExisted('aakash@gmail.co...')
    #1 {main}
    thrown in <b>C:\xampp\htdocs\mydb\db_function.php</b> on line <b>104</b><br />

    code side

    public function isUserExisted($email){

    $stmt = $this->conn->prepare("SELECT email from users WHERE email=?");
    $stmt->bind_param("s", $email);

    if ($stmt->num_rows > 0){

    return true;
    return false;
  • #code is {life}
    you are great guy and unstoppable. i just want ask you how many hour you work in a day.
  • Ali Sidhu
    Kindly add mobile number auth also in php
  • kanha sharma
    i wrote whole code just like you...but still i am getting error in Db_functions at line 29...pls help...i will send link to my codes if you need
  • rohan dhiman
    any of retrofit plz create small app with retrofit with auth
  • Three Sisters Tube
    Hi, how I can set the text size auto size,because when I put big text with size 50 this fit for big screen but does not fit with small screen.Thanks (in Text Switcher
  • mahdi shoj
    Thank  you Master :)
  • Abdul Rehman Bhatti Bhatti
    instead of this making simple tutorial like this i recommend plz make an complete android ecommerce or like your food ordering app with php mysqli as a rest api mysqli json :)
    and plz dnt mind sir i am showing below demo links ok ;(

    1- http://abhiandroid.com/sourcecode/foodordering
    2- http://abhiandroid.com/sourcecode/ecommerce/

    3- http://abhiandroid.com/sourcecode/news/

    4- http://abhiandroid.com/sourcecode/city/

    5- http://abhiandroid.com/sourcecode/webview/
    please make such type
    of apps with complete admin panel cms i ask many times about such tutorials but u are no making such series :)
  • Mohammad Zare
    Great tutorial. Please continue this tutorial like a real app. 1) Sending login info to server 2) Getting access token and refresh token from server and store it somewhere 3) Calling other methods with this tokens. Thanks.
  • Shabab Km
    Grate sir , big salute for you , sir continued this tutorial , and user upload profile image and edit user registration details and change user profile image , check email I'd already register , please create this video tutorial , thanks sir
  • Steve White
    I wish my computer can handle that many applications 😔
  • Ali Babayev
    Gj Bro how can i contact with you. i have last 13 day my present project i need help (( Im 1/2 finaller )
  • Busisani Dube
    yes there this what we want more please more
  • Toon Maniac
    What's your PC specs BTW nice vid...)
  • Toon Maniac
    Bro I am building a custom PC so I just want to ask is 8 GB ram enough for android studio with emulator??
  • Sai Krishna
    can you do this for Chat app....
  • Mohamud Osman Hamud
    Wow really this what i can wait you more time My dear please make More and More With php and mysql Even Make Series App. thanks for your time my dear teacher.
  • Sai Sathvik
    Sir will you continue with wallpaper series?
  • Oussama Rebai
    Merci beaucoup
  • Harris Suleman
    Please upload a tutorial on C# Web service Authentication.