KLM B747-400ERF Beautiful Landing at AMS - Cockpit View

KLM B747-400ERF Beautiful Landing at AMS - Cockpit View
Cockpit view of a Boeing 747-400ERF landing at Amsterdam Schiphol airport during sunset after a 7 hour flight from Abu Dhabi.


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  • IT Express Bangle
    nice video
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    Can I click the buttons
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  • sapna chaudhary
    i fully determine to become pilot officer and now i am in tenth standard from tenth standard we also join the course of pilot and do question paper
  • TOM
    Runway numbers?
  • Salif Ibrahim
    When i became pilot 😥😥😥😥 whose feeling is like me
  • gaming nd creation
    Hi I am pilot of boing 137 from nepal😳it’s easy but challenging job
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  • Chaman Shaktavat
    Not good this video again make good video
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  • Max Watson
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  • Divy Jain
    I want to be came a pilot
    Fantastic. Enjoyable to watch
  • werty tv
  • werty tv
    Cool video i love planes
  • Amazing Skills
    Hello Sir, My name is Raja Ebin.I am from India.I would like to become a pilot , that's my childhood ambition.Now I am studying 2nd year BE Mechanical engineering in my country.I training is much expansive, but I am from poor family.what is the easy way to become a pilot?.so please guide me sir and do some help to achieve my ambition.
  • shourove khan
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  • Fozzy Bear
    I can do that!
  • Ismael Veras
    Hey everyone, I started a fundraising campaign for Help raise money for flight school. Please tap to donate- gf.me/u/jw7k3v any help would be much appreciated
  • Enduroxy
    Why is he landing it manual in the first place?
  • Movies For you
    It looks so fake
  • Manav Sharma
    How to make a aeroplane ✈🛫🛫🛫🛫
  • hema gajakosh
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  • Shahid Sha
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  • Hema Dasamaneni
    Bful...it's not an easy job ,so many lifes in your hands..god bless .
  • Phantasmagorical
    I can do that, hold my peanut butter jar.
  • Mohan Kashyap
    Thats great job n nice 😄
  • Taklu Kumar
    what you feel after landing the aeroplane ?
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  • Chuck Wagon
    You guy's make it look easy!
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    super exillent
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  • tamil boys
  • Julius Hoffmann
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  • Aviation Nerd
    Doesn’t everyone love the smell inside the planes?
  • Raj Sekar
    exellent video
    Very nice!
  • A Nelson
    Looks like the simulators
  • Bamboo11
    The dutch are the best! no doubt!
  • Lewyn Last
    No way
  • Paul zibert
    Отличный заход на посадку. Хорошая работа!
  • zack thunder
    God bless them always
  • Roger Robertson
    love watching this stuff! Great!
  • Edney Daniela
    Vamos fazer um vôo panorâmico avião anfíbio corsário 😆😂👍💡🛎🔝
  • Naser Rad
    fantastic. I feel that I am in the cockpit
  • soso sosita
    This is the last job i will take in my life even if i will die i wont take this job bravoooo how brave you can be