A Hundred Coffees

A Hundred Coffees

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Flash's Funny Moments

I know I haven't made a video in ages, about three years to be exact, but I have some free time on my hands so figured I'd make a video about some of Flash's funny moments from Justice League.


  • countOfHenneberg
    Perhaps this is how Miles Teg did it?
  • Tigerguy 101
    0:23 should’ve counted as like 10
  • Attempt-YT
    I miss this show😭
  • Omar Cruz
    Futurama and X-Men are both 20th Century Fox so they had Quicksilver do this
  • jabberw0k
    Building is on fire, so the waiter decides to open a bottle of champagne.
  • Ian Franklin
    sweet dreams are made of these, who'd have a mind to disagree... :D
  • בן זק
    Fry attains HEAVEN
  • Vicente isaac Lopez valdez
    And to think caffeine was made to be poisonous.
  • Eric Johnson
    Fry tapped into the speed force
  • Kratzt Nicht Studio
    I tryed it and i died :(
  • Christian Grey
    The fire stays the same speed
  • ajddavid452
    I wanted to see what the characters reactions are to fry saving them, what episode is this?
  • Daniel Rodriguez
    It's like 👍Fry has become a coffee ☕god, the god of caffeine. 😮.
  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Number error:
    In 0:42: Fry is taking his 52nd cup of coffee ☕but in 0:56 it says this is his 52nd when it is his 53rd cup of coffee ☕.
  • VA Cume
    The true origins of The Flash, he drank twice as much coffee.
  • James Hamilton
    1:18 takes some serious skill. how did he not spill any on the table?!
  • Uriel Septim
    He would be dead within second day from the heart.
  • Kreb Replays
    I can't get over 3 coffee
  • Connor Clemmons
    So to become Quicksilver, I just need a hundred cups of coffee...
  • Broly the sarcastic savage
    Fry just used The World's stand ability.
  • Supcrafty 7
    What o coisident, bout to actualy die from cofine overdose
  • Jessie Dickson
    why is jake the dog a robot
  • Jay Hype
    1:36 when you nut
  • Erik
    Quicksilver left the chat
  • Unfunny Meme #248593872
  • TheOne XIII
    He has....ascended
  • Hippy Fuckerson
  • Khandar William
    Quicksilver ripped this off
  • Stephen Zelen
    smells good.
  • Mike Jones
    Which came first...nathan explosions 100 beers or frys 100 cups of coffee?
  • DIOhydrogen Monoxide
  • Sam Loeffler
    Fry’s hundredth cup of coffee is so goddamn majestic
  • Joeseph Moore
    When you've fought a boss 99 times and the final round you beat it perfectly.
  • Jonathen Lester
    Reads the title. Hell yeah remember this
  • David Young
    "Smells good."
  • Ethan Gabriel
    Could have just put the fire out with the extinguisher first. But that wouldn’t have been as fun.
  • Corrupt Neo
    me irl
  • BlairBear
    X-Men origins: Quicksilver
  • DaveOnDeck
    Such a classic scene I really miss this show 😢
  • 420 man
  • zw0lfb4um
    I wish this actually happened - when I drink coffee I get the shits and hella anxiety
  • REEE
    Oh so that’s the power of 100 coffees! I thought I would die but I guess not, time to start drinking number one.
  • Adrian Martinez
    Ultra instinct Fry
  • red diamond
    His heart would have shut down
  • Ale Orué
    Coffee relaxes me :c
  • Marcos Delgado
    Pizza time or coffee time?
  • Sebastian Weingart
    The real Ultra Instinct
  • Splarff
    I binged this show and cannot remember this episode at all
  • mike hunt
    X-Men lol