A Hundred Coffees

A Hundred Coffees

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  • Midori
    So basically X-men days of Future Past copied futurama?
  • alfie piper
  • Phillip Fry
    Futurama was brilliant.
  • Stefano Martinazzi
    And that's how Fryb eveloped ultra instinct
  • Assassin Cactus
    Computer science majors in a nutshell
  • sj gong
    I don't really know . but I bet this will kill you in reality .
  • Red_Five
    You didn't see that coming?
  • tristanc64 on twitch
    rip fry's bowels
  • HumanNerd
    My all time favourite Futurama episode
  • aqw buttonbulba
    What season and episode?
  • king pixel
    Why does the instinguisher go as fast tho? The coffee only affects him
  • Jimmy_ Halpert
    Coffee brings a god out of tou
  • Preston Vander Ven
    I new Quicksilver wasn't a real mutant. He just drinks a lot of COFFEE.
  • Claire Montgomery
    A hummingbird flaps its wings about 8 times per second, so fry is moving pretty damn fast.
  • bryce251
    By cup 99 he just looks broken.
  • Nivag Nadrog
    If I could put time in a bottle
  • Very good
    Despite his incredible speed the sound remains completely intact
  • mcmilliøn
    Fry's hair became perfect after drinking 100 cups of coffee
  • Tyberious Manley
    Im actually drinking

    Hot chocolate while watching this
  • Dragoon TV
    I wish my dollar bill would say that everytime i bought something fresh that smells good.
  • Dragoon TV
    100 Coffees=Becomes Quick Silver
  • brenden vigus
    this hits a little too close to home lol
  • Joe Dowle
    1:25 me in the morning
  • Dr. Snowman
    1:37 when there are new steam sales.
  • Ruben Lira
    Hey X-Men ripped offf futurama!!!!!!
  • Devotchka
    Whale please.
  • SRWOtaku
    You think Fry tapped into the Speed Force for this scene?
  • Keith Wright
    Created By Matt Groening
  • eNoff Music
    GOD has entered the server
  • Itsgone Gaming
    Just imagine the shit fry took that night
  • Ricardo Albuquerque
    1:34 Migatte no Gokui.
  • Daniel Guzman
    RICH MOORE!?!?!?!?
  • Jo Mo
    100 coffees to unlock the God mod.
  • darrinEH
  • Kieran Major
    We need futurama back on Netflix
  • Alphonso Barrera
    100% coffee, Fry!
  • Gedalya Of Judah
    Fry went ultra instinct...my nigga😂
  • share bear
    the original quicksilver
  • Gauss24
    seemed pointless to take everyone out once he put out the fire but still badass
  • Lucy Wheelock
    what i do every day: That's what ill do! buy 100 cups of coffee!
  • James Buck
    I've drunken 35, double shot coffees in a row before; Was a little shaky, but more suffering from the intense stomach upset and then I was throwing it all up through my nose.
  • KidWizard
    0:51 is very accurate when you are in college
  • Allthenews ordeath
    The exact same thing happened to me the last time I went to Rio.
  • Raider
    wanna see me run around that rock? wanna see me do it again?
  • My Name
    Race mixing propaganda in the fire
  • AirKangLocker
    100 coffee to earn a stand is a pretty good deal tho
  • The Black Sheep We Don't Associate With
    coffee = $3 from a vending machine in the future? ....tf
  • Deadshot
    Sweet dreams are made of this...
  • Sniperhead McChickenNugget
    whip. lash.
  • Bannana Toast